Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Animal Lovers,
CONTEST! I HAVE MADE A CONTEST. I am really sorry and i know that this has NOTHING to do with stopping animal cruelty BUT i think it is a good idea! You can enter if you want to... and The winner........ gets a free story about how they helped an animal (if you are a member just post it yourself) And if you havent done anything really to help animals you get a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT! Everyone wants a shout out right? So the contest is....... CUTEST PET! send me the cutest pics of your pets EVER to and get a chance to win!
I will not give out your email or anything and will never use it unless totally necessary and if you feel uncomfortable emailing it to me you can ask to be added as a author (temporarily) to post it yourself! Thank you so much and i hope you can enter!!! So everyone is saying 'awful' on this Post why!!?!?! what is wrong with a little contest?



Emily Rose said...

this is a really cool blog. We need more people out there to protect animals!

Anonymous said...

i agree its awesome! and i think the contest idea is great!

Flamestorm said...

thank you!! You should join!!

whisper said...


Flamestorm said...

Awesome whisper i added your photo to the Pic contest pics page I love your cat!! She is adorable! :D Thank you soo much for entering!

Brooke said...

I just entered!