Thursday, December 16, 2010

Temporary Header and Please Stop!

Okay, I'm sorry this isn't very "animal related" but I have gotten some horrible comments that are not expectable! People are calling Flamestorm bad things that are really mean. I am changing back the blog design because this is getting out of hand! I found the background but I will make a new temporary header. Stop calling Flamestorm names, stop swearing at her, stop being mean! She is a human-being to you know!


Golden Eagle said...

I'm sorry to hear about all the bad comments--it's so nasty when people do that!

Brooke said...

What happened? Why are they calling her names? Did she do something wrong?

Cherry said...

People are saying stuff like "you ruined this blog! your horrible at everything!" i just couldnt take it anymore! I know I pretty much made it worst but it is getting out of hand and it makes me want to cry.

Brooke said...

She didn't ruin this blog. She's not even the only person who writes here.
Sometimes the posts here aren't good and often make no sense, but the posts that *do* make sense are really good.
I really think that people should start posting about animal cruelty, ways to help animals, and animals themselves.
I really think it was terrible for people to be so mean to her. She didn't do anything wrong. :(

Flamestorm said...

Thanks guys but i changed it back thank you SO much Cherry i dont want them to think they won though they should be blocked from the blog or something

whisper said...

don't listen to them there just jelus! I love the header it looks fine its new and it meens somthing that you would go out of your way and make the header!