Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hi everyone. It was pretty fun but I think I've done my part and I'm going to leave this place.

I'll still read here, but I'll just be removing myself. Bye!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ASPCA- Are they really FOR animals?

Last year in New York City, a pit bull named Oreo was intentionally thrown from the sixth floor of a building. The person responsible was convicted of this deed, and neighbors reported hearing him beat the dog too.

The APSCA of New York ‘rescued’ Oreo and healed his injuries. However, according to the organization, a few weeks later, Oreo began showing aggression towards people. He hadn’t been tested with other dogs but was said to be aggressive with other dogs too. Several temperament tests conducted by the APSCA showed the pit bull was very aggressive. PetsAlive, a rescue in Colorado, offered to adopt the dog after the New York Times ran a story about Oreo the day before her scheduled execution. This rescue takes in ‘aggressive’ dogs and tries to rehabilitate or cure the aggression. Dogs that cannot be ‘cured’ are not put down.

The ASPCA ignored the offer to rescue Oreo. Instead, the dog was murdered- by Ed Sayres, president of the organization. The ASPCA has refused to share the videos of Oreo's temperament testing.

In this picture taken just minutes before Oreo was euthanized, you can see that he was not the aggressive, vicious dog the APSCA deemed him.

Soon after, Ed Sayres put down another dog named Max. A rescue group had also offered to adopt him.

After Oreo’s death, New York legislators introduced a bill to prevent animals from being killed in shelters when a rescue offers to adopt them. This bill was put on hold- tabled for the year.

This bill is greatly needed. New York state shelters routinely turn away rescue groups then euthanize those animals. A statewide survey showed that 72% of rescue groups were denied animals. Seventy one percent reported that the shelters instead killed those animals. Fifty two percent of the rescues surveyed don’t report cruelty the see at shelters for fear of not being able to rescue those pets anymore.

We may not be able to vote. We may seem to adults as hormonal, incapable kids- despite the fact that we are not. But we still CAN help animals, so that dogs like Oreo will have a second chance.

*note: I do not own the picture.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

*Stars are multiplying*

AWFUL:you hate MY poem
OK: means that it was so so.
AWSOME:means you loved MY poem.

I wrote this poem.

The heavens are filling up...mankind is filling it.
We murder animals, they are our brothers and
We are filling up the heavens with innocent souls, that died in a
way that was not meant to be.

We ,Mankind, are destroying nature itself...we are nature, so are we not killing ourselves?

I look out my window and say to myself "What did this place under my home look Ike before we covered it with houses?"

Think about it.
Think long and hard.
Do you want your home ripped out
like we did to so many animal brothers and

So mankind fills up the skies and soon
the stars will die forever...never to be remembered.
The dead cows and pigs and chickens we slaughtered
are all worthless right?
No! of course not we are killing with glee in our eyes.
We are a worst beast than any animal in the world.


P.S I think the monkey is more careful with a machine gun.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bunny Cruelty

Pretend you're a bunny on someone's front lawn. The owner comes out and you stare at them with your big eyes. The person pulls out a BB gun and shoots you. You bleed to death.

That's what some people are going to be doing soon in Orange County, California. The city council has allowed owners to shoot rabbits with BB guns if they don't want them on your lawn. This is what one bunny may look like...and I must warn you, it may startle some people.

Stop hurting these precious bunnies!

P.S. Do you guys think its wrong if your dog hunts down bunnies? Comment with your answers.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fun Poll For BAAC!

I thought it would be fun to make the first poll ever on VBAAC. Animals are important to all of us here, and it's fun to share what we think about them. Here's the poll! (Post it as a comment and/or on your blog if you'd like).

Do you have a pet(s)?

If so, what kind?

What's your favorite breed of cat or dog?

Have you ever seen animal cruelty happen?

Have you ever rescued an animal from animal cruelty?

How do you hope to help stop animal cruelty in the future?

What do you think about wildlife cruelty?

Do you plan to do something with/for animals/nature when you grow up?

Do you think that this blog has helped you better understand animal cruelty, as well as help you learn how to stop it?

Friday, June 4, 2010


what is a VEGAN? A vegan (pronounced VEE-gun) is someone who, for various reasons, chooses to avoid using or consuming animal products. While vegetarians choose not to use flesh foods, vegans also avoid dairy and eggs, as well as fur, leather, wool, down, and cosmetics or chemical products tested on animals.

why VEGAN? Veganism, the natural extension of vegetarianism, is an integral component of a cruelty-free lifestyle. Living vegan provides numerous benefits to animals' lives, to the environment, and to our own health–through a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Japanese whaling-Sea Shepherds


The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society (SSCS) is a non-profit, marine conservation organization based in Friday Harbor, Washington in the United States. The group, which is often linked to the radical environmentalism movement, uses direct action tactics to protect sealife. Sea Shepherd currently operates the vessels MV Steve Irwin and the Bob Barker, and most of the group's activities take place in international waters. The group has a strong focus on public relations to spread their message via the media.

The organization was founded in 1977 under the name Earth Force Society by Paul Watson, an early member of Greenpeace, after a dispute with that organization over what Watson saw as its lack of more aggressive intervention.[1] It has received support for its tactics against fishing, whaling, and seal hunting from an assortment of celebrities, while critics have condemned the violent nature of the actions.[2][3] Various governments and organizations (and even members of the society) have referred to the group as pirates.

Operations have included scuttling and disabling whaling vessels at harbor, intervening in Canadian seal hunts, ramming other vessels, trying to temporarily blind or disorient whalers with a laser device,[4][5] throwing bottles of foul-smelling butyric acid onto vessels at sea,[5] boarding of whaling vessels while at sea, and seizure and destruction of drift nets at sea. Sea Shepherd claims that their aggressive actions are necessary as the international community has shown itself unwilling or unable to stop species-endangering whaling and fishing practices.[6] Some governments and organizations have referred to them as terrorists.[5][7][8]

In 2008, Animal Planet began filming the weekly series Whale Wars based on the group's encounters with the Japanese whaling fleet in the Southern Ocean, a development which brought the group much publicity.

Facts about Japan's Slaughter of Whales:

  • In 2007-8, Japan will be carrying out their Antarctic "scientific whaling" program which they call JARPA II (i.e., Japan Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic). For the 2007-8 period, they will be targeting 50 fin and 50 humpback whales - both are protected under the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora (CITES). They also plan to kill 935 piked (Minke) whales.
  • Japan's whaling program detailed above was presented for vote to the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in South Korea, June 2005, and was rejected. Despite losing the vote, Japan is proceeding with its JARPA II program.
  • Japan is exploiting a loophole in the International Regulation of Whaling Convention which was never intended to allow a commercial slaughter.
  • Japan and Norway have slaughtered more than 25,000 whales under the "scientific whaling" loophole in the last 25 years.
  • Japan heavily promotes the consumption of whale meat - they have introduced whale meat to their school lunch programs and sell whale meat in markets and sushi restaurants. Although Japan claims their whaling activities are a "cultural tradition" the facts dispute this. To learn more, read Captain Watson's article, The Truth About ‘Traditional' Japanese Whaling.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The most 'Horrific' case of Animal Abuse

(PS. This is the 99th post!!!)

So there I was, minding my own buisness, searching the news, when I found this article;

Fremont man arrested in 'horrific' animal cruelty case

So like any other peson, I clicked on it. And this was on of the first few sentences;

   "There were multiple animals that had been decapitated," he said. "I don't think you're ever really prepared  to see situations like this."

And I was thinking...


After reading the rest of the article (which was awful), it said that they would never know how many animals he killed because there were so many decapitated bones in his house/yard. From what I read, I'm guessing he killed at least 50 animals minimal.

If you think he is a sicko (like me) click 'awful!'

Bull Riding-Cruel is the Word-And Fishing for Sport

Bull Riding is (what I think) a horrible, cruel sport where the bulls are annoyed (yanking parts of the body and teasing are two ways to annoy the bulls) and then someone is put on the animal to ride them. They try not to fall off while the angry bull bucks and swings the person around. Every time I see someone get hurt because they were playing the bull ride-game, I'm more than happy.

Please don't go watch bull riding-the animals suffer!
One thing that is very often argued is if fishing for sport (not eating the animal, just throwing it back) is cruel or not. I think it's very cruel. You are putting a hook into an animal's mouth, taking it out of water when it needs water to live, ripping it out of their mouth, and throwing them smack back into the water. I do believe that fish have feelings-I believe all animals do-and that's why it's on this blog. I think that fishing for sport is animal cruelty. Though there isn't much I can do, I CAN just not fish at all. I haven't fished in years, and I don't plan to.

Please, don't fish-for the fish.

Cock Fighting Cruelty

You may or may not have heard of the horrible "sport" called Cock Fighting. If you haven't, then here's what it is:

Cock fighting is a group "activity" in which people take their roosters and force them to fight each-other. People usually bet on what rooster will win. Usually it's fight-till-the-death.

This cruel act is against the law (as it should be) but (like pit bull fighting) is still happening everywhere. Animals every day are put in a small ring and bet on.

To help, if you see a cock fight or know about one, call the police as soon as possible.


This is appalling and horrid do you not agree?
Awesome:Means you think this is horrible that crush should end.
OK:Means your weird and sick
Awful:Means you think we shouldn't bring this up at all you like this stuff and you don't care about animals whatsoever.

Targeting: The U.S. Senate and The U.S. House of Representatives
Started by: Animal Legal Defense Fund
The Supreme Court issued a decision on April 20, 2010 declaring a federal law against the creation, sale or possession of depictions of animal cruelty for commercial gain to be "substantially overbroad, and therefore invalid under the First Amendment." In June 2009, ALDF filed an amicus curiae brief in this case, United States v. Stevens, and ALDF attorneys continue to be active on this legislative issue.

In response to the Supreme Court's decision, new federal legislation has been introduced by Representative Elton Gallegly (R-CA) that will prohibit the sale, or offering for sale, of animal crush videos in interstate or foreign commerce.

The men force the women in other words.
"Crush videos" cater to s**ual fetishists who want to watch and hear animals being crushed to death - usually by women wearing spiked heels. The clandestine and anonymous nature of their filming, along with statutes of limitations, severely limits law enforcement's ability to pursue the individuals engaging in these heinous criminal cruelties at the level of conduct. A law targeting the market for these abhorrent depictions gives law enforcement a much-needed tool for stemming the proliferation of these videos.


I have come to the conclusion that ANY animal ABUSERS should suffer as much as all the animals that they beat,killed,starved,tested on etc...

What breeze said just prooved it do you not agree?
I am speaking to you nose to nose like a wolf sister got it?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

An Outrage

I was Driving down the road with my mother to the doctors, when i decided to look out of the window. So, There, on the side of the road, was a DEAD PUPPY, not run over, or nothing, with this man standing there, kicking it. I couldnt belive my eyes. it wasnt a dream. In fact, This was Yesterday, On Memorial day.  I Was really tempted to yell out the window at the unruly man, but my tonsilitis stopped me. I Closed my eyes to block out the sight, and then it was gone down the road, because we had driven past it. And on the way back, the man was gone, but the puppy was still there, and worse, it was TIED TO A FENCEPOLE. This may sound far fetched, but i assure you, it is true. And it surprises me, even though i love in portland......Its hard to belive, but.....i think the man killed the puppy.