Friday, February 3, 2012

Let it Soak in

Warning: The following pictures may be disturbing to some.

I'm not going to say much in this post. I'm going to show two pictures of the aftermath and process of animal abuse, and you let it soak into your mind. Animal abuse is wrong.

Now think about it. No one went to help these poor, defenseless animals. They were left to die. Do you want to be that cruel? Start fighting animal cruelty/abuse now!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Another Animal Cruelty Case

(Guys, we should really start posting again.)

This is about a poor dog who was forced to submit to the greedy needs of teenagers. The fun-seeking teens placed very strong firecrackers in the dog's mouth, and made sure that he wouldn't be able to open it. And then, well, boom.

To the teenagers, it was a 'fun' experience, and they went on with living lives without caring. What do you think the dog did? Luckily, he was saved, but is now forced to live with the tragic scars to remind him of this horrible incident. Why are people doing this to animals? Is it fun? No. How could watching poor animals get mutilated be a form of entertainment? This is pushing animal cruelty to its limits.

Below is a picture of this poor dog. I wouldn't call it too disturbing, but it still is very sad. Humans should work together to help animals, not harm them.