Friday, December 24, 2010

I have to delete and remove myself from all blogs.

So i will not be author of this blog any more, but if any of you wish to keep in contact with me i can be emailed at . You can also inquire about joining the AACC.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Oh, the circus!!!

Most of us have been to the circus one time or another.  But, do you really know what goes on behind the curtain?  Did you know that the baby elephants are tortured and electrocuted if they try to play?  I can't speak for all circuses but I know of one for certain.  The Ringling Bros.  Go to  Click on a few videos or slide shows.  You'll see what I mean!  Also, I feel like the stuff I post on here is a little intense, but I want you all to know what is really happening and why animal cruelty should be taken seriously.  So, here's my question:  Should I try to lighten up on my posts, or continue to posts videos and such like the last one?

XOXOXO, Courtney

PS. Take a stand!  I have alerted my local news stations and emailed the president for a few different cases.  Get involved!  The animals can't.  

PPS. Someone commented on my personal blog where I get my information on here.  Well, go to  I am a member on there and get alot of material from them.  PETA stands for "People for the ethnic treatment of animals".  Bye!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This is sad...

The video I am about to show you makes me absolutely sick to my stomach.  I'm not sure whether I really want to put it on here at all, but it is my responsibility to show you all how upsetting animal cruelty is.  This is a video of a teenager throwing five puppies to their death.  She heartlessly throws them, SMILING, into a river.  These puppies are about two weeks old, maybe younger.  They can't swim at that age.  I cried when I watched this video.

Warning: not for the faint of heart

So, there you have it.  Awful isn't it?

On a lighter note, only FOUR days until Christmas!!!  Make a homeless animal happy this Christmas!  Donate toys, food, or money to a local animal shelter!

XOXOXO, Courtney (Naturefreak)

Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Voice of the Ocean

Far beyond the pastures of grass and miles away from the warmest woodland you can find something that differs from what you could think. Another world that might even be at your very fingertips. It's a spectacular place with unexplainable life. It's clouds are the pounding waves that crash back to where they once flowed as a silent atmosphere. Its winds are the powerful currents that drag the seaweed back and forth, guiding the jellyfish and tugging on the sandy floor. Its sky is the atmosphere itself. It's a place where every animal can glide through the bellowing waves and slice through the kind waters. In this place, there are no rules on how an animal can be shaped or how a mammal may swallow its prey. There is no right or wrong, only a when and where. This place is the ocean, and it is beyond our wildest imaginations.
Manatees graze on the sea grass as tuna follow their group away from danger. Sharks sneak through the waters listening for even the slightest sign of prey. Manta rays glide through the blue-tinted waters in search of their next meal. It's a dangerous, yet beautiful place.
The ocean has an odd way of speaking. It does not have a mouth, ears, lungs or eyes. It itself is nothing without the life that survives there. The life that lives there speaks for itself, and it speaks loud and clear. To its saddest desires, weakest hopes, and limpest feelings, us humans can try and try, but it will always be difficult to make out the words it speaks. We will never hear the voice of some animals, while we will struggle to find a home for others. While one animal sits on a picture-perfect rock cracking clams on its stomach, others sit in the dark, voicing but a whisper.
The silver lining of waves is often contaminated with transparent water bottles, musky oil, and filthy fishing lines. Sometimes large tarps and dead fish drape the ocean, suffocating what lives underneath.

What lives is not always what speaks, but somehow nature always finds a bright side. The animals of the ocean will live on. They will always talk with their soundless voices and move with their bold bodies. What truly gives them the will to live is the fact that life itself is possible, and if humans were the same the world might be a different place.
Let's try our best to help the ocean create words that are more understandable. Let's clip the plastic circles that hurt the fish and mammals. Let's recycle our trash so it doesn't crash on the ocean floor and disturb the life that tries to live. Let's use less of this and less of that, more of this and more of that. With everything that we have to lose, and everything that we have to win, it's time to help anything and everything.
We need to be the voice of the ocean.


Saturday, December 18, 2010


This Message is to whisper and cousin. TO the people that are also entered in the pic contest it is not fair that you post pics of your cat on posts and such. And you may not post pics of yourself and such this is not a advertising blog and you need to be acurate and appropriate in your posts. Please make all posts strictly about animal cruelty and animals not about your family life and yourself. People that fail to abide by the rules will have to be deleted. Im sorry.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Glue Traps

Glue Traps
Sometimes the worst thing someone can do is not know what they're doing. Sometimes the most harmful thing someone does is something

that makes it easier not to harm one's self. Sometimes, people buy glue traps.

What's a Glue Trap?
A glue trap is what it sounds like. It is a platform with a sticky adhesive that is used to trap small animals such as mice, rats, and bugs.

They're much more cruel then they sound though. This is why:

Small animals will wonder around the corridors of our lives and come across a dark platform with some of their favorite foods on it. They sniff it, then crawl over the platform. They feel something sticky weighing them down, but they ignore it and go for the food. It's then they realize that they can't reach it.
They try to move so they roll around a bit, only making things worse. They end up lying in their own feces even.
It isn't long before they are smothered in clear glue that traps their mouthes so they slowly starve to death, die of thirst, or if their face is pressed against the ground, they die because of lack of oxygen.
Sometimes, small animals wander there by accident (such as kittens, puppies, etc) and die the same death.

It's a slow, painful death, especially since the trap makes no noise to alert the person who had set it. It's even more terrible if someone forgets where the trap is, is to lazy to clear it, or just ignores it.

Please, in the name of all that is humane, don't buy glue traps!

Spread the word:
Post the following on FaceBook, Twitter, or any other site that helps get the word out:

A glue-trap is a platform with a sticky adhesive that traps small animals. They're much more cruel then they sound though. It isn't long before the victim is smothered in clear glue that traps their mouth so they slowly starve to death, die of thirst, or suffocate.
Don't use glue traps! Spread the word today!
Post on FaceBook, Twitter, or any other site.

Learn more on animal cruelty at Voice!

Thank you!

Are you in violation? (no errors!)

I give you a list of animal crulty laws! (ak) I did put prices (I don't know why.)

Failure to provide humane care for trapped animals  $50.00

Failure to release in a timely manner  $75.00

Unlawful release of trapped animal $50.00

Interference with Investigation,reporting or prosecution $100.00

Unlawful release of animal in costody of borough $75.00

Interference with Animal Control Officer $150.00

Failure to register dog or cat  $50.00

Failure of  citizen to notify or surrender detained animal $50.00

Failure to register Kennal or cattery $75.00 (This comes up 2x)

Failure to update and provide registration information $50.00

Failure to meet kennel or cattery requirements $100.00

Failure to comply with written administrative order $100.00

Filing fraudulent documentation $100.00

Failure to comply with written release order  $250.00

Owning a vicious animal $250.00

Failure to notify of running at large classified animal $150.00

Failure to immunize cat or dog for rabies $100.00

Fraudulent rabies certificate $250.00

Failure of doctors to report bite $50.00

Failure of veterinarians to report rabies $150.00

Failure to citizen to report bite $50.00

Failure to surrender animal for supervised quarantine $100.00

Failure to report rabies of a quarantined animal $150.00

Unauthorized destruction of rabid animals $50.00

Failure to veterinarian to destroy rabid animal $50.00 (How sad ;( )

Failure to surrender rabid animal $200.00

Ok well there they are my mom got this list when she applied for the job at the animal control shelter.

What about your nabors? Are they in trouble?

Animal annoyance $50.00

Failure to provide  sanitary enclosure $50.00 (I hate this law no one wants to be cooped up all there lives!)

Keeping diseased animal $50.00

Animals in public places $50.00

Fialure to restrain animal $?

First offense $75.00 (dog running at you or somthing in that line)

Second offense,the same owner (within 12 months) $100.00

Third offence, the same owner (within 12 mouths) $200.00

Release from restraint by non-owner $50.00

Cruelty to animals $250.00

Failure to pay fees, costs and expences $50.00

Trapping domestic or domesticated animal $50.00 ( ever cech a bummy by the ears?)

Failure to check live trap $50.00

Things Wispers going to do to help the animals around:

Dog down the road: steal it and give it a new home somewere else
laws broken:all of them!

About 80 cats in that one home:
Steal them one by one and clean them up! Give them away to proper homes

Why am I stealing Animals?

Becaues the city of Houston Alaska fail at doing so!

:) ~giving a voice to thoues animals of houston alaska Whisper

A Re-Introduction, Cruelty Cases, And Merry Christmas

Dear Readers,
A long time ago I wrote on Voice. I really enjoyed writing, but eventually I quit. Now I'm back and ready to write! You may have seen my first two posts (Cruelty Case Updates & Applause for Fighters of Animal Cruelty) and I hope you enjoy them. I worked very hard to find the information and write it out.
I'm sorry I have made a late introduction, but I'm sure you can forgive me. I also want to welcome the newest author, NatureFreak!

So with the new authors (including myself) I think we can make this blog the best it can be. Thank you authors of Voice, and I hope you welcome me with open paws!

The next thing I would like to write about (so I don't make this post pointless to my fellow fighters of cruelty) is some cruelty cases.

Warning: Disturbing
An investigation is going on who's victims are two abandoned pitbulls, another stuck to a five-foot chain, and several others. Investigators still aren't quite sure who left the dogs alone,but
they're doing their best to find out.
A neighbor claims that the owners had raised pit bulls and recently left, leaving eight or nine of them to roam on their own. One of them died and several others had run away. Two pitbulls that were left to die had no food or water. Good thing the police got there in time!
The neighbors also say that the last time they saw someone take care of the animals was November 11th.
To think that if they would have called sooner, the dogs could have been helped quicker. At least they decided to take action now!
Animal Control recently saved sixty dogs and a bird from dangerous, filthy conditions. They were left in a nasty environment that was infested with fleas and other vermin.
The owner was 65 and from the looks of it, she has a hoarding problem (most people with that many dogs do).
The vets took the dogs and bird to the vet and had them treated for numerous skin conditions caused by the unsanitary living conditions.
The officers earned custody of eight dogs and the bird, but also removed the others do to the environment the animals were basically slaves to.

Don't Be Afraid
If you know about animal cruelty happening near you and are afraid to call the police, don't hesitate to do so. You won't just be saving a life, you'll be saving lives. It can be hard if it's a friend or a relative, but the world will be proud of you, and you'll be proud of yourself!

Merry Christmas!
On a happier note, that time of year is on its way! Yes, you know the time: Christmas time! I just want to wish everybody a merry Christmas, and I want to remind people about how helpful donating can be this time of year. Many animals will suffer in shelters, and if you can spare a dime, it'll do a lot of good. Go to ASPCA dot org and do your part if you can.

Merry Christmas!

New author

Hey guys!  *Waves*  I'm new to this blog, and my name is NatureFreak.  I hate animal cruelty with a passion and am so glad that I was invited to join this blog.  I hope you guys like what I have to say.  I found a few animal cruelty cases that I would like to share with you, so hopefully you can realize how awful it really is.  They are short, don't worry.

December 11, 2010

When your mad, you don't go and stab your neighbor's dog, do you?  Well that's what one man did.  He went next door, took the dog out of it's dog kennel, stabbed it, and threw it back in. It was a long-haired dachshund named Daisy.  

December 7, 2010

*Caution- extreme violence*

A woman in New Zealand had an awful surprise when she opened her door.  Her two month old kitten had been grabbed around the neck, and thrown against her wall until it died.  It had blood streaming out of it's eyes and was lying in a pool of blood when it was found.
This was her kitten

Last case:
December 6, 2010

Ryan B. came home one day after a phone call from his neighbor saying something in his backyard was on fire.  When he saw, he immediately burst into tears.  Someone had thrown gasoline on his dog's kennel, and set it on fire.  He said that his dog was like his baby and that the suffering that would have been brought was unimaginable.  He thinks that death by fire is the worst kind of death because you can feel everything and it brings incredible pain.  Everyone in the neighborhood loved the dog, as it was tremensely friendly.  He still cannot believe that someone would torture his only companion in this way.

Well, that's all for now, but I hope that you all see that animal cruelty is NOT to be taken lightly.  It is imperative that we find some way to stop it.

Love, Courtney (NatureFreak)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Washed up monster! (waning crossbread animals)

Ok so resently in the world we have dicovered what they are doing on an iland on the cost of new york
(I think its actulay in the caribian but im not shire)

its a crabe and a cow??

So an animal washes up on shore..It realy depresing! And its a crossbread! It had escaped but it was dead! Right next to it we have the very unhappy looking cat the liger! (its not natruale)
Whats next a human and a goght? There is a human looking thing that has holes on its forhead!?Look it up ><
Its horrible did you know there posining water so humans can only have boys or no kid at all???
This is real!!

Cruelty Case News Updates

Warning: Disturbing Cruelty Cases Below!

What do you do when you're mad a your loved one and the dog is there? Certainly you don't shoot it several times and kill it! Well, apparently to a man named "Cook" had a different idea.

Cook was angry about drug charges and was arguing with his girlfriend and picked up pistol, threatening to shoot her. She said she didn't care so he pointed it to their pit-bull, Brandy. He shot the dog several times and it ran to the bathroom to hide. He shot it in the head to end its life. He went in the room and rapped the dog up in the blanket while the woman ran to her neighbor's house where she called the police who arrested Cook who faced a charge of aggravated assault and animal cruelty.

When a bear fights your dog, the last thing you should do is chase down the bear, strike it, and shoot it dead-especially if it's a threatened species! Apparently to this man, Ryan, the law doesn't apply to him.

Ryan's dog, Tigger, got in a fight with a black bear (a problem that could have been prevented if Ryan would have listened to the warnings and kept his food inside) and Ryan was so angry he went on a rampage and ran over the bear three times before shooting it.
The wife said that Ryan was so upset by the gash in Tigger's head (Tigger survived, by the way) that he chased the bear by truck and out of sight.
The neighbor had said, quote, "He just went crazy," and as did others.
He plead guilty and had to pay a $500 dollar fine which would got to wildlife. He was recently released from jail, and let's hope he remembers to keep his food in his house where it belongs!
George Outlaw has a different idea of what's good and bad. In his head, terribly treated pit bulls and a cat in the fridge is just what he needs to have a good day.

George was arrested with 10 counts of animal cruelty. His pitbulls had barely any shelter outside, and they didn't have access to food or water. They were extremely malnourished and deserved much better.
What shocked investigators and reporters most was the dead cat in his fridge. It had been skinned and its head was missing. Police suspect dog fighting, but no comments were made on the matter.
Along with all of this, he had drugs stacked about in his home. One of many reasons someone might train a helpless pitbull to make cruel acts.
The good that came out of his is his huge fine and his sentence in prison.

Those are all of the cruelty case updates for today. Thank you for reading!

A thank you to Pet Abuse dot Com for the information!



Applause for Cruelty Fighters (Tips To Help Your Community)

In this world, there are people who fight fire, people who fight sickness, people who fight crime, and people who fight people. In that same list is something that we're doing at this blog: fighting animal cruelty.
This blog has inspired lots of people to do lots of things to help their animal community! Whether it be recycling, using less water bottles, cutting up the plastic rings that your soda comes in, helping some dogs out of a hot car, or just helping a toad out of the chlorine-filled pool.

Every act is an act of kindness. Every act makes a difference.

So let's give a big round of applause for the people who have fought animal cruelty! The world is a beautiful place if we make it that way, and these people-young and old-are filling up the glass half full.

Here are some very simple things you can do that can help fight animal cruelty:
  • Write/sign a petition to help stop some form of cruelty
  • Help inform others about the harm animal cruelty can do
  • Watch shows on animal welfare
  • Treat your pet with respect and try to see things from its point of view
  • Research animals and use that knowledge to your advantage
And those are just some of the many ways to help. Sometimes people do things even bigger!
Did you know that by helping animals that aren't treated badly, you can also help animals that are treated badly? Even if it just helps a pet get a better life, it makes a difference.

  • A pair of teenaged girls I knew had wrote out a plan (and are going to use it) to build a dog park in their community! Even if that doesn't help animals treated cruelly, imagine what good it will do for the people who need a place to take their dog for some fun?
  • By running a pet drive (where you give food and toys to pets) my girl scout troop and myself were able to get three cart-loads of things to help foster pets! Also, we helped get some foster dogs adopted out (this took place at Petsmart).
Little things make a big difference, and some things that you can do are closer than you imagine.

Thank you cruelty fighters!


Temporary Header and Please Stop!

Okay, I'm sorry this isn't very "animal related" but I have gotten some horrible comments that are not expectable! People are calling Flamestorm bad things that are really mean. I am changing back the blog design because this is getting out of hand! I found the background but I will make a new temporary header. Stop calling Flamestorm names, stop swearing at her, stop being mean! She is a human-being to you know!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leona Lewis!

Dear Animal Lovers,
Well i was researching animal cruelty and i found out a lot about Leona Lewis.... popular singer from Europe thats music recently reached the U.S is an animal lover for life! She has hosted charities for animal shelters and donated a whole concert's earnings towards the ASPCA! Leona Lewis has a dog and has always had animals in her life! Surprising right?? Well, thats pretty much it, just a little fact i learned today :)

With Love,

P.S. I know everyone that views this blog wouldn't and didn't enjoy when i advertise but because my other blog gets Zero comments and views everyday i must just RECOMMEND that you visit (You will have to copy and paste the code because the link thing doesnt work) If you dont want to i dont need any comments on how you would never and this is not an advertising blog and i am really sorry but i try really hard on my other blog and its not fair that it gets no views. Im sorry to those that dont like it but for those of you that dont mind following one more blog please consider viewing!

Improved Header

Dear Animal Lovers,
So i realized from a few commenters that the header was not fit for our blog!! So I edited it a little and its not the MOST animal header and all but a new one will come for the new year that will be MUCH more animal friendly (not that this one is not)
P.S Thank you for entering the contest!
With Love,

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Dear Animal Lovers,
I AM SO EXCITED!! After fumbling around with a design from Robin Blog Designs i FINALLY made the PERFECT header!! isnt it amazing??? I am so proud of myself it took forever! So you like it? Much better than the old :D
With Love,


Thank you!

Dear Animal Lovers,
Thank you to the 2 people that entered the contest so far!! Whisper and Megann Thank you guys so much you both have a chance of winning a special award that you can print if you dont have a blog or add to your blog if you have one!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you guyz!!
With Love,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Contest (reminder)

Dear animal Lovers,
Maybe the contest is a waste of time. Or maybe you all dont have pets or something. But so far only one person (that i know in person) has entered and isnt that a little sad? If your an editor on this blog post a pic of your pet on the page! If you arnt EMAIL ME A PIC. It wont hurt will it?


Unhealthy Cats

Dear Animal Lovers,
My cat recently was restricted to a DIET!! Because she is way over weight! Its unhealthy for a cat to be over weight because it makes them less active and there joints could cramp up! Make sure your feeding your pets the proper amount of food..... Annoyingly she meows every morning for food and races upstairs when she hears the crackle of a chip bag hoping that someone might be feeding her. If your thinking of getting a pet or just got one or even had pets for a long time. You should always check and be sure that your pet is getting the right amount of food everyday.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


 Some may not know this but there is a month where you wear orange for a day to show respect for ASPCA! Here are some banners (info on the day, scroll down!):

 ASPCA aka: American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a day where you have to wear orange. I am not sure if that was only 2007, but on April 10, you wear orange to show respect for ASPCA who has helped many animals. If you have extra money, donate to them! It really helps! There are 5-7 MILLION animals in the shelter every year so every penny counts! (Link on the sidebar) On April 9 (a day before) I will make this a button, so you can put this on your blog if you wear orange! Good idea? Thank you!


(P.S. Sorry for being so repetitive!)

Friday, December 3, 2010


Dear Animal Lovers,
CONTEST! I HAVE MADE A CONTEST. I am really sorry and i know that this has NOTHING to do with stopping animal cruelty BUT i think it is a good idea! You can enter if you want to... and The winner........ gets a free story about how they helped an animal (if you are a member just post it yourself) And if you havent done anything really to help animals you get a SPECIAL SHOUT OUT! Everyone wants a shout out right? So the contest is....... CUTEST PET! send me the cutest pics of your pets EVER to and get a chance to win!
I will not give out your email or anything and will never use it unless totally necessary and if you feel uncomfortable emailing it to me you can ask to be added as a author (temporarily) to post it yourself! Thank you so much and i hope you can enter!!! So everyone is saying 'awful' on this Post why!!?!?! what is wrong with a little contest?


The Header. . .

 I am making the new header! I can not do it yet because of school. It looks close to the old one! I will get it up ASAP. Thank you!


Thursday, December 2, 2010

In memory of Max

Dear Voice Followers,
Pit Bulls are taken as the most violent... strong fighting dog alive. And are forced to fight in illegal dog fights... just yesterday at my friends house, i saw 2 pit bulls who are badly treated and hit by herself and her parents. I was sick of seeing her puppy Max a red nose pitbull bet beat up so i started to give him some T.L.C (tender loving care) and pet him. My friend stared at me for a few minutes and said "Dont be so nice you should hit him more" and then before i could reply said, "watch this" and pulled out a broom and.. well you can guess the rest. I was sickened by the way she treated her poor puppy.. so i called the police in my area (after i got home).... and they came over to inspect the dog.. with the local vet. They did and the dog has 3 cuts on his belly from FIGHTING with another dog!! So they took it away and now he is up for adoption in the local shelter... i hope someone loving adopts him. Its terrible when a dog is miss treated at a young age. There are little acts you can do at home to stop animal cruelty you dont have to right a letter to the president or start a big act.. just phoning the local police if you think something is happening near you can save an animal from cruel people.
With Love,

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A new Header?

WHY YES! as the title says a NEW header will be posted on the blog to 1. stop complaints! and 2. Because mine sucks! and yes i know it does you dont have to rub it in! I hope you like the new one! Any suggestions or ANYTHING are welcome thank you!! Header made by Cherry.
P.S sorry i cant be as good on this blog as Olive Tree (going by Olivia now)


Dear Readers,
Some people that post comments are really mean! someone called "anonymous" was very rude about the header and rude about me not advertising but informing on my other blogs! Just a warning i will not be publishing mean comments from now on and if you are an editor and you post one i will have to delete you! So please be nice when you post comments, Anonymous i do agree with you a little the header is not the best, but you dont need to be mean! I dont mean to be bossy or anything but i have feelings!