Friday, December 17, 2010

Glue Traps

Glue Traps
Sometimes the worst thing someone can do is not know what they're doing. Sometimes the most harmful thing someone does is something

that makes it easier not to harm one's self. Sometimes, people buy glue traps.

What's a Glue Trap?
A glue trap is what it sounds like. It is a platform with a sticky adhesive that is used to trap small animals such as mice, rats, and bugs.

They're much more cruel then they sound though. This is why:

Small animals will wonder around the corridors of our lives and come across a dark platform with some of their favorite foods on it. They sniff it, then crawl over the platform. They feel something sticky weighing them down, but they ignore it and go for the food. It's then they realize that they can't reach it.
They try to move so they roll around a bit, only making things worse. They end up lying in their own feces even.
It isn't long before they are smothered in clear glue that traps their mouthes so they slowly starve to death, die of thirst, or if their face is pressed against the ground, they die because of lack of oxygen.
Sometimes, small animals wander there by accident (such as kittens, puppies, etc) and die the same death.

It's a slow, painful death, especially since the trap makes no noise to alert the person who had set it. It's even more terrible if someone forgets where the trap is, is to lazy to clear it, or just ignores it.

Please, in the name of all that is humane, don't buy glue traps!

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A glue-trap is a platform with a sticky adhesive that traps small animals. They're much more cruel then they sound though. It isn't long before the victim is smothered in clear glue that traps their mouth so they slowly starve to death, die of thirst, or suffocate.
Don't use glue traps! Spread the word today!
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Learn more on animal cruelty at Voice!

Thank you!


Courtney Paige said...

Wow! I had never even heard of glue traps! I will try to get the word out. That sounds like an awful, AWFUL death. I can't even imagine...

On a lighter note, welcome to the team! I just joined yesterday too so, yeah!

Brooke said...

I'm happy that you could learn about them! I wish I was exaggerating, but I'm not. :(

Thank you! I missed Voice and I'm happy I joined again. Even with just one post you seem like a good writer :)

whisper said...

wow! thats horrid ill try all I can to get my walmart and freds and any store that would hold somthing like this to not sell them any more and spread the word!

Brooke said...

Well, most places have excluded the traps from stores... accept for Lowe's. A lot of people stopped going there because of that.

Flamestorm said...

Wow that is terrible! I have to say Brooke adding you to voice was a good idea your posts are really interesting.
I have seen glue traps for my gradparents used to have them until for 3 years the only thing i would buy them for christmas were regualar mouse traps because most mice are clever enough to get past them and if they cant have a less painful death.

Brooke said...

I really appreciate you adding me! Thank you!
It's good of you to try to get them to use mouse traps instead of glue traps. Mouse traps/rat traps are a quick death instead of an agonizing one. When I get older, I'm going to buy the humane traps that let you release the animal instead. They're even reusable!

Merry Christmas!