Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animal Hoarding and Proper Care for Pets

You know how some people say you can never have too much *item*? Well, you can have too many cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, horses, rabbits, or any pet. When you cannot take care of all your pets, its called Animal Hoarding.
Many of the animals suffer a cruel, sad life. For example, if someone owned too many dogs, starving, wounded, dogs could be one of the reasons not to do it. Many of the animals are not spayed, so many puppies are born, adding to an overpopulation in the world. Many dogs fight, leading to dead dogs. And many of these animals are not cared medically at all. The dogs may have no access to food or water, or they may be fenced outside to live outside. and the excuse "Just one more." is not a good one. One dog could lead to a thousand more.
Animal Hoarders can be charged with huge fines, or even sent to jail. Make sure you only have enough animals that you can care for, not even one over. And get your animal spayed or neutured, unless you are a breeder.These are responsible things for an animal owner.
Here are some things to check if you think you are properly taking care of an animal:
  • It has access to food and water at all times.
  • It gets enough exercise.
  • It does not get in fights with other animals.
  • If sick, it is taken to the vet.
  • You give it lots of attention.
If your pet is sick, here are some ways to make sure:
  • It's not refusing food. This is a big one, since this is the most obvious thing an animal can tell if its sick.
  • Is it having trouble walking? This could be a sign of a broken back, leg, or an injured back or leg.
  • Is it having trouble eating? This could be a sign of it having trouble eating.
  • Is it vomiting repeatedly? It could just have a fever, or be very sick.
  • Does it have bumpy or flaky skin? This could be acne and/or a skin disease. It may even be an allergy.
In any of these cases, your pet should be taken to the vet.
These are just some ways to avoid being a hoarder, but the biggest thing is that you don't have too many animals! You cannot not be a hoarder without lots of animals, but you can go to jail for not properly taking care of your pet.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Kittens Saved from Owners

I found this story on the ASPCA website, and it has a happy ending.
One day, Kathryn Splittstoeser got a call from her daughter-in-law crying and saying children were carrying dead kittens in cereal boxes and asking neighbors to bury them in their yard. Kathryn got more information on the case and went to talk to the childrens' parents. No one was home when she went there, but many kittens were running around. Many had long, matted fur and were filthy. They had no access to fur or water. Kathryn called the local vet, and was thanked in a phone call and told the kittens were up for adoption. She, of course, adopted one and named it Sassy.

The beginning is sad, but the ending is happy. The kittens didn't suffer anymore, and that's what's important.

Animal Cruelty

Ok, so there have been a few times that people that are authors of this blog have been posting about things that have nothing to do with animals. That "Death to Muffy 1999" was REALLY stupid so I had to delete that author from the blog until they want to post something about animal cruelty. This is not a news blog or a blog where you can post random things. If you want to post about the disaster that is going on in Japan, then make a news blog but DONT post on this animal cruelty blog!! I bet I know what your thinking too, That right now im being a HUGE hypocrite and even I can see that i kinda am, but I just want to point out that we cant post things thats not about animal cruelty other than important announcements that would usually come from the owner of the blog who yeah i know, posts nothing, never comes on the blog Blah blah blah. But I'm still getting a little annoying at the people who are going off topic in there posts and posting about things that have nothing to do with animal cruelty, and if the person that posted the "Death to Muffy" thing I am SO confused about why you posted that...
P.S no bad comments I am EXTREMELY disappointed that so many people are so mean in there comments!! If you dont have something nice to say dont say it!! Thanks!!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Think for Japan

Well, the tsunami and earthquake devastated Japan. Let's take a moment to think (or pray, I guess, if you're religious) for all of the lives lost in this disaster. Human lives, animal lives and many other lives vanished. They have left this earth. >< So let's all do our best in supporting Japan!

Monday, March 21, 2011


Today's my birthday, and like the title suggests, I love tigers! Here's what I want for a birthday present:Tigers being saved! So please donate just a few dollars to National Geographic or the World Wildlife Fund. It is estimated only 3,200 tigers are left in the wild. South China Tigers are extinct in the wild, and three subspecies have already gone extinct. We need to save these beautiful creatures, or many of us will never forgive ourselves. Tigers aren't necessarily my favorite animals (Dogs, hamsters, owls, and cats<---This is counts as the tiger family), but I do really like them and couldn't ever go outside if they went extinct. I'm donating $35 so far, and I will donate more.

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Last Lions

Lions and other big cats are disappearing very quickly. But good news! National Geographic is donating 10 cents each time you watch the trailer of The Last Lions! Everyone-Watch it a thousand times!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

death to muffy and 1999

Here it is :)

What I thought: Meh and Boo. But strangely funny?

Monday, March 14, 2011

Understanding Animals

Animals lurk everywhere. As I type this, an animal is in the room where I type. They do the same as I do, and they are writing this as well. The animal is myself. I feel emotion and feel pain. I think one of the reasons why people abuse animals is simple: They do not understand animals feel pain or that they have emotion. Animals emotions does not necessarily mean that they feel the same emotions as us, but that doesn't mean they don't. Here's how I know: If you annoy a dog, it growls at you. It's not necassarily mean it is dominant over you. It just means it doesn't like what you're doing. Here's another example: If you pet a cat gently, the cat will purr. It purrs to show you that it likes what you're doing. If you do something the cat doesn't like, like surprising it, it will hiss at you. It doesn't like what you're doing. 
The only thing you need to understand for animals is that they do have emotions. Not always human, but still emotions. Please, please never abuse your animal! I might be doing it a presentation for Animal Cruelty. I will be sure to mention what I have written, plus many other things, like stories and forms of animal cruelty.
Bye and never abuse,

Sunday, March 13, 2011


Many animals are misunderstood. Some have earned terrible reputations, and others only mild. Some people think we can help them, while others think we cannot. Some of the animals below are pets, while others are wild. Here are three animals that are misunderstood.
                                                                    3. Hedgehog
Hedgehogs are thought to really hurt because of their sharp spines. These animals aren't really that misunderstood, but you must agree that many people think their spines hurt. The truth is, no, they don't. I guess if you quickly put your hands on it, it may hurt, but if you do it slowly, it won't hurt!
                     2. Bats
Bats are thought to be vampires and sometimes even bad luck. The truth is the opposite. These animals are good luck, and are not at all vampires. Little Brown bats can eat up 6,000 bugs in one night, like mosquitoes. So, are they bad luck now? Not all bats eat bugs, though. Some drink blood. However, there's not a big worry there going to suck your blood. The like to drink the blood of cows, pigs, and other ungulates. Other bats eat fruit. They look like dogs, wolves, and foxes, earning them the nickname "Flying Fox".
3. Pit Bulls
Pit Bulls are possibly the most misunderstood animals of all. I used to be scared of them, but one story certainly lightened up the way I thought of them. A woman and her two year-old were walking home from a playground when a man held a knife to them and said not to make any noise. A pit bull lunged at him. The pit bull didn't hurt the man at all, but showed aggressive signs toward him. The man ran off, and the pit bull saved the two. 
I still understand they can attack, because they have something called "Lock jaw". This means when they bite you, their jaws can get stuck.  However, they are generally loving dogs. You can see they can be great dogs. The pit bull above was named "Angel", because he saved them. 

And there you have it. Animals that are misunderstood. Well, I guess I should show one last picture I couldn't resist. It's of a baby hedgehog, and I just can't resist baby animals! You can see the pit bull is a puppy too! So here's the baby hedgehog!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Today's National Hug Day!

Well, that's a rumor, but it's "National Hug Day". That's what we call Thursday at our school. So hug your pet, whether it's a horse, dog, or cat, maybe even rabbits! I don't really advise hugging hamsters and animals about their size, but pet them! So hug your pet all over! I doing that to my dog and I may pet my hamsters...

Monday, March 7, 2011

How to STOP Animal Cruelty

I got a comment saying why we didn't have lots of info on how to save animals. Here was there comment:
I agree, this is bad, but you didn't even say what we can do to HELP, except report to the police, and that's really obvious!!!

My little sister came home from school the other day saying "I want to help prevent animal cruelty!" so I took her to the computer and showed her this blog. She read the last couple of posts, and burst out crying uncontrollably. She was very upset for the rest of the night, and she said she didn't even see anything that would help animal cruelty. PLEASE put more about PREVENTING it in your posts, understand? My mom suggested reporting this to blogger, and I refused to do this! I will if it's necessary!!!!!!!!

Well, so I decided to give them what they wanted. Here are some ways to help abused animals:
Inform Tell people the causes of animal cruelty, cases of animal cruelty, or how to stop animal cruelty.
Report Report any cases that you think the police did not know. This way you could be saving an animal's life, even if it's your friend's pet and they're the abusers.
Donate Donate to your local animal shelter, the ASPCA, or other organizations.
Adopt Adopt an animal from a dire situtation.
Spay/Neuter Spay or neuter your pet unless you breed for a living.
Volunteer Volunteer at an animal shelter.
There are just some ways. Since I don't have complete control over this blog, anonymous, maybe you should report it to the Lead Blogger, who I think is Flamestorm, but thank you for telling me. If your little sister eats meat, tell her she can help by not eating an old meat, so mostly grass fed.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Some AWFUL Cases from the ASPCA

                                 Bella the Chihuahua
Apparently, a man named Frank Coppola was charged for beating and killing his girlfriend's 3 year-old Chihuahua named Bella. This happened a few after the dog nipped his finger, and when Coppola's girlfriend's roommate saw the dog's body, she rushed it to the hospital, where vets say that Bella is officially dead.
Coppola said that the dog had run into a wall, but the injuries do not suggest that.
A necropsy showed that Bella had severe trauma to her chest, internal bleeding, a ruptured jugular vein, and bruised lungs.
                                               Sparky the Pomeranian
A woman was going down the elevator with her 9 pound pomeranian, Sparky. She was charged for animal abuse, but she plead guilty.
Unfortunately,the elevator survillance cameras showed 31 year-old Tiara Davis kicking her 4 year-old dog. Tiara was, as the article said, angry because her dog urinated on the floor. In fact, Davis hit and kicked Sparky so hard that he was knocked out. She was charged with animal cruelty, and so her dog was turned over to the ASPCA, where he is/did recover. 
                                        The Cat Nextdoor
In Florida, Margret Fowler was charged of using a mallet to kill the neighbor's cat. Fowler was a vet, but a neighbor saw her hammering a cat serveral times with what looked like a mallet. Fowler than dropped the cat between the two houses. The neighbor approached the cat, realizing that it was her and her boyfriend's cat.  
When Fowler was chargered, she said the cat was hit with a car and pulled itself there, between the houses. She said she had just tapped it to confirm its death. 
A necrospy was tooken place and showed that the cat had not been hit by a car, but beat with a round, blunt object, mostly having blows to its head and stomach. 

These are awful. Please report ANY animal cruelty information to the police. Only ONE animal actually lived in an of these, Sparky!
~Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose~ 

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Abused Horses

Im glad to have became author of this great blog and I am heart broken by this story. The ASPCA rescued over one hundred neglected horses from a farm in Arkansas. There were many dead and sick, most had unhealed wounds and bone fractures. The horses were starved and had no water. The man who had owned them bought horses at acutions and sold them to the public. He is most likely to have more than 100 counts of animal cruelty. This is very sad and all the rescued horses are being treated on site. I hope I never have to hear a story like this tragic event again.


Spay and Neuter/Chickens Eaten By Lions

 Hi! I have only discovered this blog recently but am happy to be recognized as an author.
I've noticed quite a few people on this blog (commenting or blogging) think spay and neuter is cruel.
It is not. At all. Why? it helps decrease the number of unwanted pets, so less euthanized  or beaten. However, certain animal are not okay spay or neuter. Here are some that are okay to spay/neuter:
1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Horse
A spayed dog.
Also, spay and neuter do not hurt the animal! If you go to a good vet, they should give your animal the same thing that would euthanize an animal (But not an overdose! It should be a safe amount.). Then they will do a safe procedure. Your pet will need to stay over night at the vets office (if it is a dog or cat or an animal about their size), but they will recover by then. That is if you have a good vet! 
Also, spay and neuter will decrease the number of pets that die in fights, since they tend to fight a lot less than their unaltered brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and cousins.
                                 This Week's Cruel Story
So, I was listening to my favorite podcast, RadioLab, and it was something called "Zoo" or something. Well, in China, apparently there's this bus that drives straight into the Lion's Pit. Well, you buy a chicken. Then you open the window and throw the chicken out! The chickens try to get away, but the lions get to them and tear them apart. Who's fault is this? Well, it's not the lions because that's what they eat. And it's not the chickens...It's the humans' faults. 
Isn't that cruel? I absolutely am saddened by this tale, and this is coming from someone who mostly specializes in domestic mammals, not birds. But this is any absolutely cruel tale, and those chickens died a cruel death.
Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose