Monday, March 14, 2011

Understanding Animals

Animals lurk everywhere. As I type this, an animal is in the room where I type. They do the same as I do, and they are writing this as well. The animal is myself. I feel emotion and feel pain. I think one of the reasons why people abuse animals is simple: They do not understand animals feel pain or that they have emotion. Animals emotions does not necessarily mean that they feel the same emotions as us, but that doesn't mean they don't. Here's how I know: If you annoy a dog, it growls at you. It's not necassarily mean it is dominant over you. It just means it doesn't like what you're doing. Here's another example: If you pet a cat gently, the cat will purr. It purrs to show you that it likes what you're doing. If you do something the cat doesn't like, like surprising it, it will hiss at you. It doesn't like what you're doing. 
The only thing you need to understand for animals is that they do have emotions. Not always human, but still emotions. Please, please never abuse your animal! I might be doing it a presentation for Animal Cruelty. I will be sure to mention what I have written, plus many other things, like stories and forms of animal cruelty.
Bye and never abuse,

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