Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spay and Neuter/Chickens Eaten By Lions

 Hi! I have only discovered this blog recently but am happy to be recognized as an author.
I've noticed quite a few people on this blog (commenting or blogging) think spay and neuter is cruel.
It is not. At all. Why? it helps decrease the number of unwanted pets, so less euthanized  or beaten. However, certain animal are not okay spay or neuter. Here are some that are okay to spay/neuter:
1. Dog
2. Cat
3. Horse
A spayed dog.
Also, spay and neuter do not hurt the animal! If you go to a good vet, they should give your animal the same thing that would euthanize an animal (But not an overdose! It should be a safe amount.). Then they will do a safe procedure. Your pet will need to stay over night at the vets office (if it is a dog or cat or an animal about their size), but they will recover by then. That is if you have a good vet! 
Also, spay and neuter will decrease the number of pets that die in fights, since they tend to fight a lot less than their unaltered brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and cousins.
                                 This Week's Cruel Story
So, I was listening to my favorite podcast, RadioLab, and it was something called "Zoo" or something. Well, in China, apparently there's this bus that drives straight into the Lion's Pit. Well, you buy a chicken. Then you open the window and throw the chicken out! The chickens try to get away, but the lions get to them and tear them apart. Who's fault is this? Well, it's not the lions because that's what they eat. And it's not the chickens...It's the humans' faults. 
Isn't that cruel? I absolutely am saddened by this tale, and this is coming from someone who mostly specializes in domestic mammals, not birds. But this is any absolutely cruel tale, and those chickens died a cruel death.
Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose 


Sierra said...

I agree, it is ok to spay/neuter pets. It helps keep the amount of strays and unwanted pets down, esp. in cats. We had a cat that had two HUGE litters of kittens in 3 months and we had to figure out what to do with thirteen cats!!! All of our cats are now spayed.

hello said...

Good post! Also, rabbits are safe to neuter/spay, if you want to add that to your list (I've had a rabbit that's been neutered)

That's horrible about the chickens! ;(

Zoraz said...

The LEAST they could do is HUMANLY kill the chicken and THEN throw it out the window for the lions! Gosh! People these days. Sickening!

Brooke said...

I agree with fixing any pet. The pet population is so large and there are so many stray animals wandering the lonely streets (or car-filled) of this world. I hope they pass a law that orders anyone who isn't a trained pro at breeding with a good record and is often checked on has to spay and neuter their pets.

I quit a while back but I still check up on the blog

Jules(: said...

that's so sad. :'(

candymeadowsalmondjoy said...

i agree Zoraz/Dog Trainer In Training

Cute Cockapoos said...
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Cute Cockapoos said...

Thanks for commenting everyone! Spayed dogs, cats, horses,and other animals could lower unwanted pet population. I spayed my dog. In fact, that dog in the picture is my dog!

Shadowmouse said...

i hate people who blame the animal when it is only thier nature or they have been forced to do it.
do humans get in trouble when they take the animals habitat NO BUT THEY SHOULD BECAUSE THAT ISNT THEIR NATURE

Shadowmouse said...

i have so much in common with the bloggers about interest, likes, books, hates, irritates, infuriates.......