Friday, May 21, 2010

Not related but an important question...

I've been to many blogs in the past week and ALL have commenting problems-including mine! Some different than others.

Have any of you had comment problems?

And just so this has something to do with animal cruelty: Pet Land claims they don't buy from puppy mills but they do. A way to help is to not buy from that cruel store, as well as make sure the word gets out. Please, don't pity a mill dog... help one.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Animal abuse *SHOCKING*

Choose horrible if you think this is not important and you don't think should be allowed.
Choose Awsome if you think this is funny and we shouldn't bother covering it.
Choose ok if you are in between.

Update: Serendipity is a funny thing. Just a few hours after I posted this, I noticed that the University of Georgia Law Student Animal Defense Fund Chapter is highlighting a campaign by the Center for Biological Diversity to make rattlesnake roundups illegal in Georgia. If you live in Georgia, please take a second to sign on to their effort, and even if you don't live in Georgia, they have a pretty solid sample letter that you can use to start the fight against rattlesnake roundups where you live.
By the time the audience gets settled down and the barrels are rolled out, most of the snakes couldn't attack if they wanted to. They're starved and weakened, dehydrated, half-suffocated. Sometimes, they're completely suffocated, because there isn't a lot of air when you're at the bottom of the tank, locked in and trapped under the bodies of dozens like you.
Welcome to a rattlesnake roundup, where you can get up close and personal with hundreds of rattlesnakes that have been gassed out of their burrows.

A woman in Georgia was arrested last week for forcing her 12-year-old son to kill his pet hamster with a hammer.
The boy was being punished for bad grades. He told his teacher about it the next day, who reported the incident to authorities.

Who was a likely repeat customer for some of the 27,000 neglected animals that were recently rescued from U.S. Global Exotics' Texas warehouse? The answer is no surprise: Petland.
On the hypocritically titled webpage Pet Welfare at Petland the company says they are "aware of the many animal welfare issues in the news today." That makes sense, considering many of the stories have to do with Petland.
As recently as June 2009, Humane Society investigators confirmed that the company continues to support puppy mills, despite class action lawsuits over selling unhealthy puppies in at least 20 states. Then there was the story last summer of Petland employees who killed two rabbits, who had injured themselves fighting in their cage, by drowning them in the sink ... and then took pictures of themselves with the dead animals.
Now there's the U.S. Global Exotics debacle. Petland's major competitors, Petco and PetSmart, were not customers of U.S. Global Exotics, although they do sell some live animals. Unlike the others, Petland is one of the few national chains that still sells puppies and, with this latest story, they've shown again and again that they make purchasing decisions that have nothing to do with the well-being of the animals. As far as Petland is concerned, animals are just products that can be bought cheaply, warehoused, and sold for a profit.

Across the U.S., millions of pigs and other animals too sick to stand (commonly referred to as "downed animals") suffer terribly at farms, stockyards and slaughterhouses. They are left for hours or days without receiving proper veterinary care, and they are often dragged with chains or pushed with forklifts. Farm Sanctuary has worked to document and end the abuses of downed animals since 1986, and we’re making progress. Last year, the Obama administration tightened up federal regulations to prevent downed cattle from being slaughtered and used for human food. But, this policy needs to be expanded and applied to pigs and other animals who continue to suffer unnecessarily.

In the largest raid in U.S. history, more than 27,000 animals were rescued in December from an exotic pet dealer in Texas. Earlier this month, the sloths, chinchillas, lemurs, hedgehogs, ferrets, snakes, lizards, spiders, and other assorted species officials removed had their day in court.
Municipal Judge Michael Smith decided that the 20,000+ surviving animals should not be returned to the dealer, U.S. Global Exotics.
The investigation that led to the raid was made possible largely due to an undercover agent working on behalf of PETA. The organization says that many of the animals were destined to be sold at major pet store chains, like PetSmart and Petco.


Petland Continues to Support Cruel Puppy Mills June 29, 2009 2:14 PM

As you might remember, The Humane Society of the United States released the results of an eight-month investigation in November showing that pet store chain Petland Incorporated is the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills.
Our Puppy Mills team has been working hard in the months since that exposé was released, and today reveals disturbing new revelations about Petland.
The investigation revealed at least two Petland stores in Florida, the Orlando East and Largo stores, still buying puppies from the facility linked to Kathy Bauck, who was convicted on three counts of animal torture and one count of animal abuse in March. We also found some Petland stores still buying from at least two other puppy mills that we filmed and identified as part of our initial investigation.

Our team conducted an intensive six-month search of public records in multiple states and tracked shipments of puppies from massive commercial brokers to more than 95 percent of Petland's domestic stores. We revealed once again that the store chain is misleading customers about dealing with a special selection of breeders. Instead, Petland's franchisees buy most of their dogs from puppy mills either directly or indirectly through large-scale wholesalers, like Hunte.

This deceptive behavior continues to harm both animals and consumers. More than 600 people who purchased dogs from Petland have already contacted us about the class action lawsuit Petland is currently facing. If you haven’t already, please tell us your story if you bought a puppy from Petland.

We’ll continue to keep the pressure on Petland to join other national pet store chains that refuse to sell dogs from puppy mills, until the company does the right thing for animals.
Thank you for your continued support in our campaign to stop puppy mills.

New blog inspired by voice

I had a really weird thought.
Voice is awesome so I got
an inspiration streak!
I made a blog similar to voice...
It's called Speak from your soul.
here's the link please follow and or contribute!
I think voice should not be in one place but two!
All of you are welcome to it and even if I don't agree with your
post I will NOT DELETE!
You to Brooke, if you think I'd exclude a good writer you are wrong!
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Thank you and I am not advertising!
If you don't agree keep it to yourself!
Remember if you do join don't forget
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I am not trying to ruin voices flow!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helpful Hints for Making Your Dog Happy

To prevent another act of cruelty, just have fun with your doggy! It's as easy as ever, and it's lots of fun.

A happy dog consists of many things. When you adopt a dog, you make a difference. You've let a creature in your home that is your responsibility. You have to love it, care for it, clean up after it, train it, and make sure it's happy. Before you adopt a dog, learn about the breed. Learn fun things to do with your dog such as taking it to the dog park, how many hours it should be walked daily, how often to bathe it, training with toys, and other activities. So make bored dog happy, run around with it. Play with it and its toys. Just have fun. Stroke it, rub it, play fetch with it. Train it with toys and treats.

There are lots of things to make a happy dog. Make sure your dog is happy and take good care of it!

Also Sorry

Like the recent post, I'm sorry. It's okay to disagree. Weather it's me disagreeing with PETA, or someone disagreeing with soy milk or wheat breed. Actually, I am a member of PETA, but because I don't like what they say and do usually I just get numbers and email addresses of congress and so-on to email to.

I'm just posting my views, and I don't mean to offend anyone. I feel really bad and won't argue by posting anymore.



I am sorry if I offended anybody on this blog.
My post was a bit aggressive but I was posting
Brooke may not be right she might
be try both of our websites and links.

Dreamstar I have been doing animal rights protest etc...
for 5 longhard years. Full of threats
and lies and youdon't understand what I have seen. That
is why I may get aggressive but I am
Sometimes I don't always
agree with Peta,
and they DO NOT LIE!
So let's all forget about this
topic completely.


Me and my friend had an idea, the criminals who are responsible for appalling crimes.
Why not use them for lab testing?
They owe a dept to society are rat friends etc..
Answer to what to do with lab testing and criminals!

Please Please Stop Arguing by Posting!

This is just my opinion.

This blog is about helping animals that have been abused. Not to argue. But to help. The last three post have been arguing over the IAMS testing and PETA lying. Maybe one of you is correct, but I really don't think fighting over it will find the answer any sooner. Why don't you just call the company or email them? You are more likely to find an answer that way. PETA is sometimes known to, lets say, exaggerate. It is not always the straight out truth, but it is good information.

So please just drop it! Think about the bunnies and the kittens and puppies!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Iams tests
Companion Animal Food Companies
For anyone who has ever lived with a dog or a cat, it's hard to imagine that some big-name dog- and cat-food companies would conduct invasive tests on animals in labs. But the pet industry is big business, and in their efforts to slap "new and improved" labels on their products, some corporate competitors conduct cruel experiments on dogs and cats.

For almost 10 months, a PETA investigator worked undercover in a laboratory paid by Iams to test its products. Some of the cruelty that she documented included the following:
Iams dogs dumped on a cold concrete floor after having huge chunks of muscle cut out of their thighs

Dogs and cats gone stir-crazy from confinement to windowless, dungeon-like buildings

A coworker who instructed her to hit the dogs on the chest if they quit breathing

Another coworker who talked about an Iams dog found dead in his cage, bleeding from his mouth

Cruel studies done by Iams involving forcing tubes down dogs' throats to make them ingest vegetable oil

Iams dogs with such severe tartar buildup on their teeth that it was painful for them to eat

Coworkers who talked about a live kitten who had been washed down a drain

Coworkers who talked about how they had had to go home because the ammonia fumes in the animal trailers were so overpowering that it made their eyes burn (try being one of the animals in those cages!)
Compassionate people would never imagine that dogs and cats could be living this kind of nightmare in laboratories. It's easy to ensure that you're not feeding Fido or Fluffy cruelly tested food–use PETA's pocket guide to pet-food companies that do not conduct animal tests. Visit for an updated list of companies that do not test on animals, or call 1-866-TEST-KIND for a free guide. And please tell Iams that you're boycotting its products until the company stops conducting cruel animal tests:

Animals should be given food with high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Iams does not offer that. Any veterinarian will confirm.

Here's one of about 1000 websites explaining exactly what Iams does to the animals:
If you just google something like "Iams pet food animal testing", there's a ton of information. There are many excellent brands of pet food that do NOT harm any animals and still donate tons of money to help animals.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Wildlife Angels-Blog Helping the World

If you care about Wildlife, there is a blog that is out there to help. Please help the earth, and fight against all cruelty to it by going to

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dead Horse Creek

Sea creatures and other animals are constantly caught in a web of fishing line. People trash the line in the water and animals are injured. I was spending some new free time at the local park with my best buds, and we saw 3 teenager dumbos down by the creek, dubbed Dead Horse Creek. Why is it called that you might be wondering. Well a long time ago, a horse fell in during one of the worst storms of night in Morden Manitoba. He drowned. But anyway, it is really deep in there. Well, these teens were so dumb they went down there. They had fishing rods. They waded out into the water. Did they not know it suddenly goes deep. NOOOO. Do they know there are not only fish but snakes and poisonous scorpions in there. NOOOO. They started yelling and laughing weirdly. (strange) They threw their fishing rods in the creek and they left. All insane teenagers always go to the creek and throw in food or garbage or chemicals. There are birds there and muskrats and beavers for lords sake, why do they DO that. Is it funny or something, or are you just too lazy to find a garbage can?

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dolphins-Why do we want to save them?

We all say we love animals and that we want to save them, but why? Some people don't know. Here's my opinion:

I love animals bcause they are living, breathing beings that should be treated right. Such as dolphins. Anyone realize how beautiful they are? Also, every animal serves a purpose in this world. Dolphins keep the fish population down. Just a little opinion since I haven't posted in a while. ;)


Saturday, May 8, 2010

More About Back Yard Breeding and Puppy Mills

The pet population is over the top, and that's not a good thing. 99% of pet stores buy from puppy mills, which often means that the dogs were abused (click HERE for more information about puppy mills). Thousands of pets are put in shelters and euthanized each year. Back yard breeders are abundant around the world (click HERE to learn about backyard breeders-AKA BYBs). Backyard breeders breed for fun and profit, more than often breeding dogs with health problems and not taking proper care of the dogs. They only increase the pet population, which is a very large problem in the U.S.A and other areas around the world. Puppy mills keep breed purely for profit and most of the dogs that come from the mills are sick, injured, and many of them die. A smart, good breeder would be trained properly, while puppy mill breeders and BYB breeders are not trained. Sadly, mills don't always come with just puppies. Goats, chickens, cats, etc are also victims.

Please, spay and neuter your pets, or more animals could be in shelters this year! And don't buy from pet stores.