Thursday, February 10, 2011

It seems we are never far from some kind of animal cruelty. The horrible reality is that this happens in our own cities. Everyone knows the infamous story including a woman, a cat and a bin. This is pretty tame to other stories we are bombarded with, such as the woman who threw a litter of six puppies into a river. One Saturday Neil Rodgers let his two beagles, Annie and Buttercup, run loose for the night. The next morning he discovered that someone had skinned Annie and and cut Buttercup around her shoulders and neck. Annie had to be euthanized due to the lack of skin left on her. I have heard of a family near my home who hung their dog by its own lead. My own dog has been threatened, my dad turned to see two 12 year olds holding a can of spray paint to her face. It baffles me how animals are treated by some humans today, surely people shouldn't be so sadistic and ignorant. I believe that we should be education younger people, to teach them to treat animals with respect. As a "civilized society" this should not be happening.

In my last post, it has been labelled awful. I'm not sure if people think I was attacking PeTA. This was not my intention. I tried to convey a balanced argument, I am a member and believe we can reform this corrupt organisation.

By Jess Brown

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello there, my name is Jessica Brown and I'm now a contributor to this blog. I'm proud to be part of such an amazing project. I do have another blog, which is very different from this one. However recently I have been posting about animal cruelty. I had made a post about PeTA and their darker side which I would like to share here as well:

As I have said I joined PeTA yesterday and since been researching it. It has left me feeling quite conflicted. I agree with some of their efforts, I believe animals shouldn't be killed for their skin, animals shouldn't be hunted for fun, all animals should be treated with respect. However, it seems some of PeTA's views are very radical and ignorant.

They believe animals should not be tested on. Which to me is ridiculous, the pro's outweigh the con's. We have made so many advancements with the help of animal testing. PeTA believe animals should not be kept as pets or even used to guide the blind. I won't even comment on such a claim. They believe no animal should be killed for food. Humans have survived by abiding to the food chain. I believe too many animals are killed creating a surfeit. It depends on the individual, would you rather have a surfeit where some are killed for no reason or have meat in abundance.

PeTA kill a lot of animals without reason, with a $33 million annual budget animals should be homed. However, 90% of these are euthanized. They spend too much money on adverts and getting celebrities to join their cause. Maybe this is a case of a Utopian idea that has since become corrupted and disillusioned. Or is it like any organisation, having a some members who push boundaries too far?

I believe they have some good ideas and they have achieved a lot of great things but like everything, they have a fair few dark secrets (that they refuse to comment on). All people with a belief and a goal want to find others who share their way of thinking. They want to group together and discuss their views, protests and actions. We like to be around those who understand us. The people for the ethical treatment of animals provides this, but brainwashes some into adopting anarchistic beliefs.

I feel pretty cheated to be honest and shocked. I held a lot of respect for this organisation.

Feedback and opinions are very welcome :)

Monday, February 7, 2011

Contest Winner!!

The winner is Meganns puppy :D :D :D congrats Megann and thanks to everyone else who entered. Thats pretty much it.