Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unchained Dog Month

Hey guys! I haven't posted in a while but a friend told me about something called "Unchained Dog" month.

PETA is encouraging people to let there "Backyard" dogs to stay inside so they dont suffer from the cold. Dogs can suffer from Frostbite Exposure and Dehydration. Chained or penned up dogs have nowhere to go to escape the cold and snow. January is "Unchained Dog Month" so make sure you let your dogs inside so they can stay warm and loved through the winter.

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

2 horses

I haven't posted a while on voice but my friend, you may know her from comments and things on this blog Megann/Candymeadowsalmondjoy, She saved 2 horses lives!!
The story is....
A few days ago she went to see her horse joy. When they were driving in they saw 2 loose horses running around. She grabbed an apple and jumped out of the car. when they saw her the horse started to move away. One of them jumped a big snowbank and the other one followed. She climbed up and over it. when she got to the top she saw one of the horses running to the road where a paper truck was coming with 3 trucks behind it. she started sprinting, watching the horse walk into the road. Finally she got to the road when the horse was about to walk across. She moved it out of the road where it met up with his buddy who was watching everything. She herded them back threw 2 yards back to the barn where she finally got ahold of them and put then in their stall at the barn then she figured out how they got out! the latch had been left open! once they were in their stall she gave them the apple. and then they called the farm owner to tell him what happened.

Everyone can make a difference in the world. Megann did, she saved 2 lives. Anyone can do that by making one phone call or helping a lost or homeless animal. This is really good inspiration for anyone who wants too make a difference.

Thanks for reading :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Tale of Cruelty

Hey guys, I'm Feather. I've just recently discovered Voice: Bloggers Against Animal Cruelty. I am so glad I was made an author here, so thanks. You may not have realised, but animal cruelty is everywhere. There are thousands of animals being treated unfairly almost every day, being pressured, being tested on, being trapped behind the bars of a lonely cage. And yes, we can help, but some of us choose not to.

It was just yesterday when I heard a story from my friend. An old man walked into a shop, leaving his dog tied on a leash to one of those short, stumpy poles. A couple of teenagers saw the dog and set off to work. They untied the leash, undid its collar, then deliberately tied the collar to one end of the pole, leaving the dog choked and unable to move. The dog had a too large and loose collar, so the teens took that advantage.

My friend told me that she was spreading the story, and that she hadn't been the one to see it, but had been told by a friend who wasn't the one to see it either. Whether this story is false or real, it just shows that animals all over the world, have been harmed on purpose, or for no reason (as the story above).

So I'm really proud of this blog, and its authors for contributing. I hope you do realise how special animals are, and that they have feelings just like us.



Boy kills kittens

Every once in a while, a story about animal cruelty like this will come along. And it makes a girl sad. Very, very sad.
Bisexual porn star Luka Magnotta has been identified as releasing a video of himself killing two cats by putting them in an airtight bag and sucking the air out with a vacuum cleaner. According to the Daily Mail:
The mewing kittens can be seen wriggling around and clawing to escape as the polythene tightens around them. After switching off the cleaner, the sick teen opens the bag and proudly holds up the body of one of the kittens for his camera, before displaying them on his bed.
After the video hit YouTube with the deplorable title “1 Boy, 2 Kittens”, P.E.T.A., animal rights activists — and anyone with a heart — teamed up to take this guy down. And even though he’s been identified, he hasn’t been caught yet.
Are you as disturbed by this as I am???  If you click on the link for Daily Mail a few pictures can be seen.  Please view it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


The contest poll is still up! If you havent voted please take time too vote! Megann's puppy is winning by one closely followed by Pugsley and Wish who are tied! If you havent voted VOTE!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Factory Farms

First of all, sorry I haven't posted in a while. For some of you newer followers, you might not know who I am. So let me introduce myself, I am author4evr. Second of all, factory farms have probably been written about before, so you don't have to let me know that in the comments or anything. I just think it's a really important topic because the products produced have effects on everyone, including you.

What are factory farms, you might ask? A factory farm is a large industrial operation that has a lot (hundreds or thousands) of animals like chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows. It's very cramped for the animals, and the people treat them poorly. What's sad is that these animals rarely or have never seen daylight. They live short lives full of pain. And because the animals aren't taken care of properly, the quality is poor for the food like dairy, eggs, and meat. The people who run the factory only care about how much of the food is produced. Thus, the produced products are lower quality than healthy animals raised in good environments produce.

Five things that occur in factory farms are:

  1. The animal are given a constant feeding of antibiotics to prevent disease. People drinking dairy and eating meat products from factory farms may develop immunities to antibiotics and then lose the ability to fight certain types of bacteria.
  2. Controlled light cycles to simulate longer or shorter days. This confuses an animal's body and sadly forces an unnatural growth response.
  3. Altering the animals to prevent them from acting out on the aggression and anxiety caused by living in such extreme restriction.
  4. Forcing breeding animals to reproduce at unnaturally fast rates, causing the animals to be tired, have more stress, and early deaths among them.
  5. Rough transportation of livestock to slaughterhouses. Sick or injured animal who fall or die on the way to the slaughterhouses are forced onto slaughter trucks-most often with a bulldozer.
Having so many animals in one place creates a lot of waste, more than the surrounding land can handle! As a result, factory farms are associated with environmental hazards, such pollution (water, land and air). Also people who live close to factory farms often complain of high cases of illness.

To conclude, make sure you know where the products you buy come from. You can make a difference by doing many things, such as buying some foods from small local farms. Make sure you buy foods with the Certified Humane Raised & Handled® label administered by Humane Farm Animal Care. 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cruelty Update: Dismembered Cats and Cock Fighting

All-around cruelty is obvious.  It happens everywhere at every time.  Barely a moment goes by when an animal isn't suffering to human arrogance, or worse, on purpose.
     There is always local news that reaches our ears that we usually push away and try to forget, but you can't push it away.  You have to listen, learn, and understand.  Listen to what people have to say.  Learn about the problem and how to deal with it.  And understand what was just said.


In a recent cruelty case, 26 roosters were rescued from a disaster of a cock-fight.  
     When police arrived, there was a boy near the cock-fighting ring and a man holding a rooster.  The man claimed to have just taken a look at the rooster, but the signs of a fight were so obvious, even the most ignorant person could tell what had happened.  Blood lay splattered across the floor, feathers sprawled about like carpeting.  Ten roosters with missing feathers sat, with fear, their wings matted with sticky scarlet blood.  Steroids and vitamins were placed here or there without any care.
     They all went to jail and were forced to surrender their birds.  Sadly, due to their horrible conditions, the birds were later euthanized.

So there you half it.  Just one of the many terrible issues in our community.  Yours, mine, and everyone's.
Would you believe that there are even sicker things than that?  Well, if you don't mind gagging, you can read what's below.

It started off as a normal case.  A neighbor called for a barking dog across the street and an absent home.  The officers didn't expect what they were going to see though.
     Locked in a closet, hidden by tools, was a starving cat.  Skinny, stick-legged cat.  
     Behind that cat were more... accept these other cats were dead.  They were dismembered, as if someone had cut off their limbs to eat them.  One cat only had a head left.  It's revolting to imagine such a scene.  Feces among the ground, living in a damp, dark, cold environment, watching your cousins die one by one, screams and cries, and finally... your owner leaves you to die.
     The good news is that the woman was fined $100,000... for EACH ANIMAL HARMED!  

So justice has been done, but many issues are left unknown.  

There's a corner house not far from where I live where there are pitbulls lurking around.  I easily suspect dog-fighting, but I don't know.  It's most likely.  If I even see anything that makes me more suspicious, I'm calling the police right away!  

Please. Act. When. You. Can.

Don't hesitate to save a life.  After all, it's in your hands... all you have to do is dial the number.


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