Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cruelty Update: Dismembered Cats and Cock Fighting

All-around cruelty is obvious.  It happens everywhere at every time.  Barely a moment goes by when an animal isn't suffering to human arrogance, or worse, on purpose.
     There is always local news that reaches our ears that we usually push away and try to forget, but you can't push it away.  You have to listen, learn, and understand.  Listen to what people have to say.  Learn about the problem and how to deal with it.  And understand what was just said.


In a recent cruelty case, 26 roosters were rescued from a disaster of a cock-fight.  
     When police arrived, there was a boy near the cock-fighting ring and a man holding a rooster.  The man claimed to have just taken a look at the rooster, but the signs of a fight were so obvious, even the most ignorant person could tell what had happened.  Blood lay splattered across the floor, feathers sprawled about like carpeting.  Ten roosters with missing feathers sat, with fear, their wings matted with sticky scarlet blood.  Steroids and vitamins were placed here or there without any care.
     They all went to jail and were forced to surrender their birds.  Sadly, due to their horrible conditions, the birds were later euthanized.

So there you half it.  Just one of the many terrible issues in our community.  Yours, mine, and everyone's.
Would you believe that there are even sicker things than that?  Well, if you don't mind gagging, you can read what's below.

It started off as a normal case.  A neighbor called for a barking dog across the street and an absent home.  The officers didn't expect what they were going to see though.
     Locked in a closet, hidden by tools, was a starving cat.  Skinny, stick-legged cat.  
     Behind that cat were more... accept these other cats were dead.  They were dismembered, as if someone had cut off their limbs to eat them.  One cat only had a head left.  It's revolting to imagine such a scene.  Feces among the ground, living in a damp, dark, cold environment, watching your cousins die one by one, screams and cries, and finally... your owner leaves you to die.
     The good news is that the woman was fined $100,000... for EACH ANIMAL HARMED!  

So justice has been done, but many issues are left unknown.  

There's a corner house not far from where I live where there are pitbulls lurking around.  I easily suspect dog-fighting, but I don't know.  It's most likely.  If I even see anything that makes me more suspicious, I'm calling the police right away!  

Please. Act. When. You. Can.

Don't hesitate to save a life.  After all, it's in your hands... all you have to do is dial the number.


Anonymous said...

omg thats all i can say

Brooke said...

I know, it's terrible. But good thing justice was done!

Sierra said...

I am so glad that woman got fined for what she did to those cats. I adore cats, so that just made me soooo sad to hear what the police had found at that lady's house.

Brooke said...

I know, it's sickening. I love cats, too! :(

Anonymous said...


Cute Cockapoos said...

OMG! That woman shouldn't of just been fined, but she should of gone to prison...FOR LIFE. And if she can't afford paying for it, too bad. If you kill cats, your killing an animal, which is like killing a person. In fact, its more than killing a person. I've only killed a few animals in my life, and I can barely kill spiders!
And it's not a bad thing not to be a vegetarian-I'm not! Humans naturally need protein, something not very strong in plants. Plus, eating a plant is eating a living thing too, some you can't really "not eat a living thing".