Thursday, September 22, 2011

Animal Cruelty: Dog Fights

I noticed nobody has posted in a long time so I figured I should-

This post is about Dog Fight awareness. If you dont know already, Dog Fights is a revolting, cruel sport where people with take stray dogs off the street, breed dogs, find dogs or steal dogs like Pit Bulls that can fight and kill. Then they "train" the dogs by trapping them in cages and hitting them. Soon the dog will bite, out of fear or anger, then the person stops. Later, he does it again. It teaches the dog that when they bite, the pain stops. Then they anger two dogs and put them in a enclosure together with seats around the outside so people can watch. They bid money on which dog they think will win. One of the dogs is always killed except on rare ocations. Either the dog's oponent kills him or he is killed later because he did not win/dumped on the streets and his wounds cause him to die. It is a sick sport and is banned in most places, but drugs are banned to, and do people just not do them? NO. Dog Fights can take place anywhere. Back yards, enclosed arenas and houses.
When Dog Fights are busted the dogs go to the shelter and because nobody wants a "blood-thirsty pit bull" or a scarred bloody mess of a dog, they are most often put down. Here is a link about Dog Fighting-

And here are some links so you can help stop Dog Fighting!