Friday, January 29, 2010

Burger King's No-Cruelty Act! Thank You Burger King!

At first I stopped going to Burger King because I heard they did cruelty. What I didn't learn is the other source. Burger King did the extreme! They began to buy eggs from a place that didn't cage their animals. Also, Burger King uses the gas method to knock out the chickens so that they don't die a painful death, unlike when you go to McDonald's, which abuses their chickens, and de-feathers them alive. Thanks for standing up for animal rights Burger King!

So Burger King: YES! McDonalds: NO!

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Neutering is for the Best

Thousands of animals are rehomed every year. If you neuter your pet, you can help decrease the amount. Here are the lowdowns and benifits when you neuter your pet:

Neutering lowdown

-Female animals are spayed – this means the womb and the ovaries are removed.

-Male animals are castrated – this means the testicles are removed.

-Operations should be straightforward - they are carried out under general anaesthetic and animals usually recover quickly.

-Some pets may have a tendency to put on weight after neutering. This can be controlled by providing an appropriate diet; talk to your vet about this.

-Whilst some owners decide to neuter their pet for behavioural reasons (e.g. to reduce urine marking or roaming), it is not possible to accurately predict the after-effects of neutering.

Benefits of neutering

-Neutering has many benefits that apply not only to dogs and cats but also to other small animals such as rabbits.

-Neutering prevents female animals coming into season, when they may attract unwanted male attention, become pregnant or have false pregnancies.

-Neutering prevents the risk of testicular cancer in male animals and uterus infections and cancers in females.

-In male dogs and cats, neutering can reduce behaviours such as urine marking and roaming.

"In 2008 we neutered 87,105 animals"

(RSPCA Annual Review 2008)

So if you have a pet, it would be the best if you could get it neutered or sprayed. That way, you can decrease the death toll amount of animals that are put down each year.


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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Adoprt a Species

I agree with Everstar's post. This another site I found that you can adopt animals at! At WWF, you can symbolically adopt an animal and help save wild animals and their habitats! You can choose from 100 species to help save from habitat loss and poaching! I'm not sure which animal to adopt, but I know adopt one.

{note from Olive Tree... here is the link:}

Friday, January 8, 2010

Save the dolphins!

Hi I am Iloveanimals I have a few blogs but one is for dolphins.Also I adopted a dolphin,Rainbow.From WDCS well beacause Dolphins numbers are getting shorter every year.We dont want them to go!They are smart we cant let them go!So adopt a dolphin today at

Thousands of dolphins die every year beacause of these things.

  • they are held in captivity

  • to much fishing

  • getting cought in fishing nets

  • fish supplies getting lower

  • poison

Thousands of dolphins worldwide die each yar beacause of these things.Dont let time run out for another!Make a dolphin happy today at!Make sure YOU! adopt one!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Really sad video

WARNING: do NOT click this and watch this video if you can't stand to see animals being treated badly!!! This video is really sad.

If you watched it, please comment and tell us how it made you feel.
To donate to help abused animals, click the links on the sidebar!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Destruction of the Destroyers (poem of hate, anger, and stranger...)

This poem is TRUE! Yes, and horrible in a good way.

As I look across the street I hear dogs.
As I drive on by I see dogs.
Chains around the pit bull's neck
screaming of their latest regret.
They only say what they see.
Save me, love me, don't make me...

I go on YouTube I see animals.
Crying for mercy, begging for life.
As I comment about their pain others laugh at their might.
I say I hope what has been done is done straight to you.
Other comment, give me thumbs down, others love me blue.
I scream of their pain, their useless means of death
others come around the corner, none of them named Beth.
They say they hope the animal dies of excruciating pain.
To them I say and I mean what I say I wish on them to be sane.
I know the poem was off and on track, but it IS true words of meaning, is it not? Comment and tell me what you think.