Friday, January 8, 2010

Save the dolphins!

Hi I am Iloveanimals I have a few blogs but one is for dolphins.Also I adopted a dolphin,Rainbow.From WDCS well beacause Dolphins numbers are getting shorter every year.We dont want them to go!They are smart we cant let them go!So adopt a dolphin today at

Thousands of dolphins die every year beacause of these things.

  • they are held in captivity

  • to much fishing

  • getting cought in fishing nets

  • fish supplies getting lower

  • poison

Thousands of dolphins worldwide die each yar beacause of these things.Dont let time run out for another!Make a dolphin happy today at!Make sure YOU! adopt one!


Amy♪ said...

:( I'd love to, and i REALLY REALLY REALLY want to! But thing is, no credit card for me. :( And unfortunely i'm broke at the time.
:( :( Is there a way we can adopt without spending money?


Rupert/Ember/Echostar/Treestar/Russet/Sasha said...

sorry im not sure but if your on blogger you could do a blog about dolphins thats free plus you can help other people to adpt

Lucy said...

I have a penguin. His name is Harry.

Anonymous said...

Ripplestar, that's nice, but what on Earth does that have to do with dolphins?!

Rupert/Ember/Echostar/Treestar/Russet/Sasha said...


abigail viktoria said...