Saturday, January 15, 2011

Another Tale of Cruelty

Hey guys, I'm Feather. I've just recently discovered Voice: Bloggers Against Animal Cruelty. I am so glad I was made an author here, so thanks. You may not have realised, but animal cruelty is everywhere. There are thousands of animals being treated unfairly almost every day, being pressured, being tested on, being trapped behind the bars of a lonely cage. And yes, we can help, but some of us choose not to.

It was just yesterday when I heard a story from my friend. An old man walked into a shop, leaving his dog tied on a leash to one of those short, stumpy poles. A couple of teenagers saw the dog and set off to work. They untied the leash, undid its collar, then deliberately tied the collar to one end of the pole, leaving the dog choked and unable to move. The dog had a too large and loose collar, so the teens took that advantage.

My friend told me that she was spreading the story, and that she hadn't been the one to see it, but had been told by a friend who wasn't the one to see it either. Whether this story is false or real, it just shows that animals all over the world, have been harmed on purpose, or for no reason (as the story above).

So I'm really proud of this blog, and its authors for contributing. I hope you do realise how special animals are, and that they have feelings just like us.




Courtney Paige said...

Oh that's awful! I feel so bad for the poop puppy!

Flamestorm said...

I see animals tied to poles all the time in downtown portland, Maine. Its awful because they look so confused it almost as if they think they r being abandoned. I cant believe someone could do something like that and not feel awful after.

Courtney Paige said...

Ooops! I meant poor puppy! *blushes* I didn't read over it... Sorry!!!

candymeadowsalmondjoy said...

hahaha naturefreak that was funny it made my day! the only time i ever left my one of my dogs tied 2 something was at scratch bakery cuz my mom told me to. but i stayed near the window watching her then like 2 min passed and i went outside to be with her. i didn' t want anything to happen to my little baby! - candymeadowsalmondjoy <3

Thornpath said...

the jerks. if i find the culprets i would like to choke THEM!