Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Helpful Hints for Making Your Dog Happy

To prevent another act of cruelty, just have fun with your doggy! It's as easy as ever, and it's lots of fun.

A happy dog consists of many things. When you adopt a dog, you make a difference. You've let a creature in your home that is your responsibility. You have to love it, care for it, clean up after it, train it, and make sure it's happy. Before you adopt a dog, learn about the breed. Learn fun things to do with your dog such as taking it to the dog park, how many hours it should be walked daily, how often to bathe it, training with toys, and other activities. So make bored dog happy, run around with it. Play with it and its toys. Just have fun. Stroke it, rub it, play fetch with it. Train it with toys and treats.

There are lots of things to make a happy dog. Make sure your dog is happy and take good care of it!

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