Monday, March 7, 2011

How to STOP Animal Cruelty

I got a comment saying why we didn't have lots of info on how to save animals. Here was there comment:
I agree, this is bad, but you didn't even say what we can do to HELP, except report to the police, and that's really obvious!!!

My little sister came home from school the other day saying "I want to help prevent animal cruelty!" so I took her to the computer and showed her this blog. She read the last couple of posts, and burst out crying uncontrollably. She was very upset for the rest of the night, and she said she didn't even see anything that would help animal cruelty. PLEASE put more about PREVENTING it in your posts, understand? My mom suggested reporting this to blogger, and I refused to do this! I will if it's necessary!!!!!!!!

Well, so I decided to give them what they wanted. Here are some ways to help abused animals:
Inform Tell people the causes of animal cruelty, cases of animal cruelty, or how to stop animal cruelty.
Report Report any cases that you think the police did not know. This way you could be saving an animal's life, even if it's your friend's pet and they're the abusers.
Donate Donate to your local animal shelter, the ASPCA, or other organizations.
Adopt Adopt an animal from a dire situtation.
Spay/Neuter Spay or neuter your pet unless you breed for a living.
Volunteer Volunteer at an animal shelter.
There are just some ways. Since I don't have complete control over this blog, anonymous, maybe you should report it to the Lead Blogger, who I think is Flamestorm, but thank you for telling me. If your little sister eats meat, tell her she can help by not eating an old meat, so mostly grass fed.


Brooke said...

That's good information, Rosey. Thank you for posting it! I do have to say that if someone doesn't want to read this they don't have to. This is what this blog is about: informing the public about the animal cruelty.
Though I do agree that there should be more information on how to help it, what more can we say? Everyone knows the basics like call the animal police, but otherwise... what?

Anonymous said...

i am a saporter of Defenders of Wildlife and they are a GREAT org.! i have adopted some animals there and i plan on adopting MANY more! if you want it here is the link: ! also i get emails on how i can help wildlife from them! also email and mailing adresses are never given away! you might receve some mail from people who you try to sway from killing animals but thats all! also if you get emails from people you don't know about or get emails from it is probably from taking action to help animals!

(River/Melanie not logged it! im having trouble logging in for some reason!)

Cherry said...

I don't think little girls know the word "prevent" or animal cruelty in gereral. The comment is a scam. . . =/

Thornpath said...

That was me! dude i was having trouble logging in!

Flamestorm said...

@ River/Melanie/Wrighter for one plz do not report my and the many authors blog and we do have some on how to stop animal cruelty in past posts how much more is there? I find it hard to believe that you randomly found this blog and showed it to your sister without looking over it or something. And i doubt she just randomly came home saying "I wanna prevent animal cruelty!"
Thank you for sharing your opinion but theres not much more we can say for helping animals, Our posts about what happens to animals is inspiring enough to help them and think of ways to help them yourself :D thank you so much and if you would like to make some posts about stopping animal cruelty please consider joining as an author! It would be great if you could help :D