Thursday, December 9, 2010

Leona Lewis!

Dear Animal Lovers,
Well i was researching animal cruelty and i found out a lot about Leona Lewis.... popular singer from Europe thats music recently reached the U.S is an animal lover for life! She has hosted charities for animal shelters and donated a whole concert's earnings towards the ASPCA! Leona Lewis has a dog and has always had animals in her life! Surprising right?? Well, thats pretty much it, just a little fact i learned today :)

With Love,

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Emily Rose said...

I never knew about this singer, or that she was so into animals. Two thumbs up for her!

Emily Rose said...

Oh one more thing, when I went to click on the link to go to your other blog, it said it didn't exist. I just thought I would let you know.

Flamestorm said...

oh ok ill fix that thanks for letting me know :D

Anonymous said...

hi i was just wondering when the contest winner was gonna b announced

Cherry said...

I dont know.

Cute Cockapoos said...

You rock Leona Lewis. I will try to buy your ALBUMS:)