Thursday, December 16, 2010

Applause for Cruelty Fighters (Tips To Help Your Community)

In this world, there are people who fight fire, people who fight sickness, people who fight crime, and people who fight people. In that same list is something that we're doing at this blog: fighting animal cruelty.
This blog has inspired lots of people to do lots of things to help their animal community! Whether it be recycling, using less water bottles, cutting up the plastic rings that your soda comes in, helping some dogs out of a hot car, or just helping a toad out of the chlorine-filled pool.

Every act is an act of kindness. Every act makes a difference.

So let's give a big round of applause for the people who have fought animal cruelty! The world is a beautiful place if we make it that way, and these people-young and old-are filling up the glass half full.

Here are some very simple things you can do that can help fight animal cruelty:
  • Write/sign a petition to help stop some form of cruelty
  • Help inform others about the harm animal cruelty can do
  • Watch shows on animal welfare
  • Treat your pet with respect and try to see things from its point of view
  • Research animals and use that knowledge to your advantage
And those are just some of the many ways to help. Sometimes people do things even bigger!
Did you know that by helping animals that aren't treated badly, you can also help animals that are treated badly? Even if it just helps a pet get a better life, it makes a difference.

  • A pair of teenaged girls I knew had wrote out a plan (and are going to use it) to build a dog park in their community! Even if that doesn't help animals treated cruelly, imagine what good it will do for the people who need a place to take their dog for some fun?
  • By running a pet drive (where you give food and toys to pets) my girl scout troop and myself were able to get three cart-loads of things to help foster pets! Also, we helped get some foster dogs adopted out (this took place at Petsmart).
Little things make a big difference, and some things that you can do are closer than you imagine.

Thank you cruelty fighters!


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