Friday, December 17, 2010

Are you in violation? (no errors!)

I give you a list of animal crulty laws! (ak) I did put prices (I don't know why.)

Failure to provide humane care for trapped animals  $50.00

Failure to release in a timely manner  $75.00

Unlawful release of trapped animal $50.00

Interference with Investigation,reporting or prosecution $100.00

Unlawful release of animal in costody of borough $75.00

Interference with Animal Control Officer $150.00

Failure to register dog or cat  $50.00

Failure of  citizen to notify or surrender detained animal $50.00

Failure to register Kennal or cattery $75.00 (This comes up 2x)

Failure to update and provide registration information $50.00

Failure to meet kennel or cattery requirements $100.00

Failure to comply with written administrative order $100.00

Filing fraudulent documentation $100.00

Failure to comply with written release order  $250.00

Owning a vicious animal $250.00

Failure to notify of running at large classified animal $150.00

Failure to immunize cat or dog for rabies $100.00

Fraudulent rabies certificate $250.00

Failure of doctors to report bite $50.00

Failure of veterinarians to report rabies $150.00

Failure to citizen to report bite $50.00

Failure to surrender animal for supervised quarantine $100.00

Failure to report rabies of a quarantined animal $150.00

Unauthorized destruction of rabid animals $50.00

Failure to veterinarian to destroy rabid animal $50.00 (How sad ;( )

Failure to surrender rabid animal $200.00

Ok well there they are my mom got this list when she applied for the job at the animal control shelter.

What about your nabors? Are they in trouble?

Animal annoyance $50.00

Failure to provide  sanitary enclosure $50.00 (I hate this law no one wants to be cooped up all there lives!)

Keeping diseased animal $50.00

Animals in public places $50.00

Fialure to restrain animal $?

First offense $75.00 (dog running at you or somthing in that line)

Second offense,the same owner (within 12 months) $100.00

Third offence, the same owner (within 12 mouths) $200.00

Release from restraint by non-owner $50.00

Cruelty to animals $250.00

Failure to pay fees, costs and expences $50.00

Trapping domestic or domesticated animal $50.00 ( ever cech a bummy by the ears?)

Failure to check live trap $50.00

Things Wispers going to do to help the animals around:

Dog down the road: steal it and give it a new home somewere else
laws broken:all of them!

About 80 cats in that one home:
Steal them one by one and clean them up! Give them away to proper homes

Why am I stealing Animals?

Becaues the city of Houston Alaska fail at doing so!

:) ~giving a voice to thoues animals of houston alaska Whisper


Courtney Paige said...

I'm glad you're helping Whisper, just make sure it's within the law ;) And thanks for the welcome!

Brooke said...

I'm very happy to see you plan to get even more involved with animals, and thanks for posting the laws and fines!
You have to be careful with those things though. If cruelty is happening, it's better to call the police than steal. I won't get in the way of things, but you should thing within the law before out of it.

whisper said...

Your welcome! lol

and thanks

~giving a voice to thoues animal of houston alaska

whisper said...

Brook: Ya we have 2 copes in houston and they have better things to do then arest the animal controle so I have to do it myself!
(the state troopers just say you have to call animal controle! there no help at all)

My animal controle: A desule groge that has a car lot in front of it and all the money goes to the fire shief (chief animal controle officer) who is using the money to by a new truck ensted of feeding the animals!


whisper said...

Trust me I would love to just call the copes but they dont go for justes they go for how good it looks ... grr it makes me mad thinging of it!

Courtney Paige said...

Wow, that's awful! I can't believe the cops are like that! I can see why you're so mad, I would hate it if my cops were like that!


Brooke said...

In the words of NatureFreak, Wow, that's awful!
The police here are much better than that.

whisper said...

realy you guys have copes that do stuff! lucky! I would love it if they did somthing!

well they do lots of traffic controle to make the pay there ecleast good at that!Last time a cop told me they gave over 800 tickets to people! (my citys devided by a big high way that goes acrost alaska) It still makes me made though that they dont do anything about it but it makes me ferriuse that they have a ligit excuse! oh people who come through here speed and stuff! THATS NO EXCUS TO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANIMALS!! Ok ill give them a bit of a break i mean they might break a finger if they take turns><!

well on a good not thanks for agreeing with me!