Thursday, December 16, 2010

Cruelty Case News Updates

Warning: Disturbing Cruelty Cases Below!

What do you do when you're mad a your loved one and the dog is there? Certainly you don't shoot it several times and kill it! Well, apparently to a man named "Cook" had a different idea.

Cook was angry about drug charges and was arguing with his girlfriend and picked up pistol, threatening to shoot her. She said she didn't care so he pointed it to their pit-bull, Brandy. He shot the dog several times and it ran to the bathroom to hide. He shot it in the head to end its life. He went in the room and rapped the dog up in the blanket while the woman ran to her neighbor's house where she called the police who arrested Cook who faced a charge of aggravated assault and animal cruelty.

When a bear fights your dog, the last thing you should do is chase down the bear, strike it, and shoot it dead-especially if it's a threatened species! Apparently to this man, Ryan, the law doesn't apply to him.

Ryan's dog, Tigger, got in a fight with a black bear (a problem that could have been prevented if Ryan would have listened to the warnings and kept his food inside) and Ryan was so angry he went on a rampage and ran over the bear three times before shooting it.
The wife said that Ryan was so upset by the gash in Tigger's head (Tigger survived, by the way) that he chased the bear by truck and out of sight.
The neighbor had said, quote, "He just went crazy," and as did others.
He plead guilty and had to pay a $500 dollar fine which would got to wildlife. He was recently released from jail, and let's hope he remembers to keep his food in his house where it belongs!
George Outlaw has a different idea of what's good and bad. In his head, terribly treated pit bulls and a cat in the fridge is just what he needs to have a good day.

George was arrested with 10 counts of animal cruelty. His pitbulls had barely any shelter outside, and they didn't have access to food or water. They were extremely malnourished and deserved much better.
What shocked investigators and reporters most was the dead cat in his fridge. It had been skinned and its head was missing. Police suspect dog fighting, but no comments were made on the matter.
Along with all of this, he had drugs stacked about in his home. One of many reasons someone might train a helpless pitbull to make cruel acts.
The good that came out of his is his huge fine and his sentence in prison.

Those are all of the cruelty case updates for today. Thank you for reading!

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