Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Voice of the Ocean

Far beyond the pastures of grass and miles away from the warmest woodland you can find something that differs from what you could think. Another world that might even be at your very fingertips. It's a spectacular place with unexplainable life. It's clouds are the pounding waves that crash back to where they once flowed as a silent atmosphere. Its winds are the powerful currents that drag the seaweed back and forth, guiding the jellyfish and tugging on the sandy floor. Its sky is the atmosphere itself. It's a place where every animal can glide through the bellowing waves and slice through the kind waters. In this place, there are no rules on how an animal can be shaped or how a mammal may swallow its prey. There is no right or wrong, only a when and where. This place is the ocean, and it is beyond our wildest imaginations.
Manatees graze on the sea grass as tuna follow their group away from danger. Sharks sneak through the waters listening for even the slightest sign of prey. Manta rays glide through the blue-tinted waters in search of their next meal. It's a dangerous, yet beautiful place.
The ocean has an odd way of speaking. It does not have a mouth, ears, lungs or eyes. It itself is nothing without the life that survives there. The life that lives there speaks for itself, and it speaks loud and clear. To its saddest desires, weakest hopes, and limpest feelings, us humans can try and try, but it will always be difficult to make out the words it speaks. We will never hear the voice of some animals, while we will struggle to find a home for others. While one animal sits on a picture-perfect rock cracking clams on its stomach, others sit in the dark, voicing but a whisper.
The silver lining of waves is often contaminated with transparent water bottles, musky oil, and filthy fishing lines. Sometimes large tarps and dead fish drape the ocean, suffocating what lives underneath.

What lives is not always what speaks, but somehow nature always finds a bright side. The animals of the ocean will live on. They will always talk with their soundless voices and move with their bold bodies. What truly gives them the will to live is the fact that life itself is possible, and if humans were the same the world might be a different place.
Let's try our best to help the ocean create words that are more understandable. Let's clip the plastic circles that hurt the fish and mammals. Let's recycle our trash so it doesn't crash on the ocean floor and disturb the life that tries to live. Let's use less of this and less of that, more of this and more of that. With everything that we have to lose, and everything that we have to win, it's time to help anything and everything.
We need to be the voice of the ocean.


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