Thursday, December 16, 2010

Washed up monster! (waning crossbread animals)

Ok so resently in the world we have dicovered what they are doing on an iland on the cost of new york
(I think its actulay in the caribian but im not shire)

its a crabe and a cow??

So an animal washes up on shore..It realy depresing! And its a crossbread! It had escaped but it was dead! Right next to it we have the very unhappy looking cat the liger! (its not natruale)
Whats next a human and a goght? There is a human looking thing that has holes on its forhead!?Look it up ><
Its horrible did you know there posining water so humans can only have boys or no kid at all???
This is real!!


whisper said...

I don't know what we can do! Its horride!! they are conpeting against south karia for who has like the deadlyest animal!!!:(

Anonymous said...

stop posting ur messing it up

Flamestorm said...

LAY OFF! Wisper is doing BETTER than i could EVER do!

whisper said...

Thanks Flamestorm its always good to know that you have friends out there!

whisper said...

laalaalala I love coments!