Sunday, March 14, 2010

Can you spell CRUEL?

Cases of animal cruelty:

"According to the Animal Defense League Fund, ADLF, two college baseball players attending Baylor University, allegedly shot, skinned, and beheaded a cat, named Queso. They were charged in the death of the cat and suspended from Baylor for 15 days. For more details, access the ADLF .

In California, 85 children, ages ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, whitnessed a cow being slaughtered at Carbon Canyon Christian School, according to PETA Action Alerts. The rational for having the students whitness this cruel act was that they could see this act, instead of only experiencing it through the books they had read during the year. For more information about this act, access PETA Action Alerts .

An Alabama man, in September 2000, allegedly shot his Labrador mix puppy and burned the dog on a burning trash pile, while it was still alive, according to ADLF. Neighbors were unable to rescue the screaming wounded puppy, which burned to death. He allegedly shot and burned to death the puppy for getting into the trash. He could face a Class C Felony. For more details, click on Animal Cruelty Actionline.

Two thirteen year old boys, according to a PETA Actionline Report, sodomized a kitten with a stick, who followed them. According to whitnesses, the kitten tried to run away from the boys when they turned on it, but they picked her up and threw her to the ground after swinging and shaking her violently. While the cat was trying to escape by climbing a tree, it was reported that the boys followed her and shoved a stick into the kitten. The kitten's anus was ruptured, she had internal injuries neurological damage when brought to Pasado's Safe Hven of Shnohomish County. A detailed account of this incident may be viewed at PETA Action Alerts.

Hop Bottom, PA, was the scene of a tame deer, "Bam Bam", shot and killed. Allegedly, the killer,, shot and killed "Bam Bam", a 4-year-old tame male dear, confined in a fenced-in area. The deer had been raised by a kind lady since infancy. Instead of being charged with a felony crime, he was able to plead guilty to a lesser charge of criminal mischief, and firing a firearm within a safety zone. For more information about the killing of this tame deer, access ALDF.
As disturbing and cruel as these reports are, it is important that humans be aware of the cruelty that fellow humans inflict on innocent animals. These innocent animals will have protection and justice, only if we are aware of this need and act.

Read more at Suite101: Animal Cruelty Cases"

These words are not mine! But I thought it would be good to share. :( I also altered them a little bit to respect the people's privacy.


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Jenna said...

Sadly the Alabame one is true, I have relatives who live there. They saw it on the news, and remember. :(