Sunday, March 7, 2010

Backyard Breeders (AKA BYBs)

BYBs just means Backyard Breeders. Backyard breeders are people who don't breed animals unprofessionally and not properly. Many backyard breeders start like this...basically: "Hmm, I want to start breeding dogs..." *looks up dog breed* "I think I like dobermans." *gets female pregnant* "Uh... omg, what do I do! She's panting-is she going into labor? What is THAT?! Something is wrong... I think." *goes on Yahoo! Answer-Types: My dog is giviinng brth and idk somtihing is wrong wit her! Wat do I du?*-answers-*What is wrong with you? I hate you BYBs.*-*Get her to the vet! Next time-spay your dang dogs!*-*FREAK BYBS YOU NEED TO CALL THE VET AND GET YOUR DOG FIXED OMG!* "Okay... uh... the baby isn't moving I don't know I need to call the vet."

3 weeks later

"Anybody want to buy dogs? Eh... what do I do with it-them. Where did it go? Oh, under the couch." *grabs puppy* "Hey, wanna buy a dog?" *old lady* "Why how much is it?"-guy-"I'll give you one-five hundred dollars." "Okay!" "Anybody wanna dog?

1 day later

"Okay, can you just take these dogs? I don't want them."
Sometimes BYBs aren't bad. Some are informed, but don't bother to think that BYBs only put dogs in shelters. Some people breed dogs because they just need the money, when yet they don't think that there are other ways (which there are) to get money. We need to think about the animals-we really do. Not ourselves.

Spay and neuter.
Leave the breeding to the breeders.