Sunday, March 14, 2010

Another Videos

 I know you have seen 3 other videos, the first one, the one I posted was from the site I found this new video.

                  Do not watch if you will get nightmares, and stuff like that:

 Theese are horrible! Also, I know I just posted one, but can we only have a video every, at LEAST 5 five posts. If that is okay with, Kenna-Page, Catlover, and Cherry (me), the blog admins. I know this is stupid after I posted a video in the same post, exept, they are disturbing. If you actually want to see the rest of the videos (to learn and be more careful) THIS IS THE LINK.

                                   Sorry for this :-(



♣Delaney/Dolor♣ said...

OMG I ALmost barfed

✠Ember✠ said...

Call me a wimp but I started CRYING, that is totally unfair and cruel C-R-U-E-L!!!!!!!!!