Sunday, March 21, 2010

We Hurt Them-They Save Us

Is this our thanks of them saving us? Animal Cruelty happens every day. Although, mostly everyday, an animal saves us. Fire House Dogs, Avalanche Rescues, See and Eye Dog, and many more. But instead of thanking them, we waste their lives. They work hard to save us while people just kill them for useless things! (example, fur coats)  What would we do if they weren't there for us? Thousands of people would die in burning buildings, we would freeze in the snow, never to be found again, and blind,deaf, handicapped, (etc.) would have to have 24 hour care! Yet, we still don't understand. Please say your thanks!


Catherine said...

I totally agree! I'm glad you point out these things no one else really talks about.

Leafstar said...


Cute Cockapoos said...

I couldn't agree more! If it weren't for one family cat, a whole family would've suffocated with poisonous fumes! And a pit bull drove off a man that was trying to kidnap a women and toddler, holding them at hostage with a knife. And their thank you gift is abuse? What has the world come to? We wouldn't do that to huamns, so why do it to animals?