Monday, March 15, 2010


Hi! I'm Jay, a new author. Here is a little bit about me.

I have two dogs, a German Shepard and a Keeshond. They are so cute! I work at our local animal shelter. I am so suprised at how many of the dogs there are Pit Bulls. They are such sweethearts, I find it is impossible to give them to their new owners.
I find animal cruelty terrible. Animals were domesticated for comfort and enjoyment in my opinion, not to be hurt.


MadiShae said...

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Hayley said...

I totally agreed! ;)

Brooke said...

Nice to meet you Jay! I'm Brooke and I've been an author on Voice for quite a while now. I have two dogs, two cats, two birds, and a tarantula (my house mine as well be a Zoo!) and I love to hear about other pets people have.

I thought you would find this interesting:
When I was 10 two teen-aged girls came to my house with a box full of pit bull puppies and the mother of said puppies following. They asked if we owned them and we didn't. The girls almost were out of our yard when my dad told them we would take them in and help then. I gave all the puppies bathes and we made a comfy bed for them to sleep in. We let the mother sleep in the laundry room (the mother was sweet but since our neighborhood isn't exactly safe you can never be sure with stray dogs) after all dogs got food, water, and love. In the morning we took them to "pit bull paradise" where the pit bulls would be taken care of and adopted.

I'll never forget those two wonderful days!


♥Warriors101♥ said...

Wow! Nice Story Brooke! :)

Amy♪ said...

That's wonderful Brooke! And welcome to Voice Jay!

Brooke said...

Thanks guys :-D!