Sunday, March 21, 2010


Rats get tested for science and it is wrong! 90% Of rats die each year for what? SCIENCE! Also why do they have a ba reputation? I have a rat called Carly she is awesome!So why? They get tested for stupid things! That is STUPID!STUPID! People think eww rats! But no! no! no! they are FRIENDLY! They are small rodents that cant buy stuff for them selves they need you, or wild rats they dont want to be tested!Or to be cooped up in a sciene lab all year!(then probably never come back :( It is aweful) SO



Bethany said...

I know!!! my friend had some rats and they were so fun to wach!!!

Brooke said...

I sure do love rats. I know that MARS tests on rats, but apparently it's for water (to make sure it's clean) and for medicine (that we probably don't need.

It's so hard to avoid animal testing. I try to as much as I can.

abigail viktoria said...

They're cute!!

Whiskfang said...

Humans should remember that they were here before us and they should leave them alone

Cute Cockapoos said...

Tame rats are AWESOME, not necessarily wild rats (very aggressive, spread disease, eat anything). I LOVE tame rats! And I do agree it is awful we are testing on them! Any animals are not good for testing on! The "sumo rats" are awful! They fatten them up with a recessive gene that makes them fat! Would you do that to humans?