Friday, March 4, 2011

Some AWFUL Cases from the ASPCA

                                 Bella the Chihuahua
Apparently, a man named Frank Coppola was charged for beating and killing his girlfriend's 3 year-old Chihuahua named Bella. This happened a few after the dog nipped his finger, and when Coppola's girlfriend's roommate saw the dog's body, she rushed it to the hospital, where vets say that Bella is officially dead.
Coppola said that the dog had run into a wall, but the injuries do not suggest that.
A necropsy showed that Bella had severe trauma to her chest, internal bleeding, a ruptured jugular vein, and bruised lungs.
                                               Sparky the Pomeranian
A woman was going down the elevator with her 9 pound pomeranian, Sparky. She was charged for animal abuse, but she plead guilty.
Unfortunately,the elevator survillance cameras showed 31 year-old Tiara Davis kicking her 4 year-old dog. Tiara was, as the article said, angry because her dog urinated on the floor. In fact, Davis hit and kicked Sparky so hard that he was knocked out. She was charged with animal cruelty, and so her dog was turned over to the ASPCA, where he is/did recover. 
                                        The Cat Nextdoor
In Florida, Margret Fowler was charged of using a mallet to kill the neighbor's cat. Fowler was a vet, but a neighbor saw her hammering a cat serveral times with what looked like a mallet. Fowler than dropped the cat between the two houses. The neighbor approached the cat, realizing that it was her and her boyfriend's cat.  
When Fowler was chargered, she said the cat was hit with a car and pulled itself there, between the houses. She said she had just tapped it to confirm its death. 
A necrospy was tooken place and showed that the cat had not been hit by a car, but beat with a round, blunt object, mostly having blows to its head and stomach. 

These are awful. Please report ANY animal cruelty information to the police. Only ONE animal actually lived in an of these, Sparky!
~Rosey Canyonrose/Rosey Spiritrose~ 


Jules(: said...

That's awful! Who would do something like that to a poor innocent animal? I am a proud owner of three rescue dogs, and it breaks my heart that someone would abuse such a wonderful creation that God made.

✧Moonstar✧/★Hibari★ said...

WHY would people want to do that to animals? They're living beings, just like us. Let's all kill/kick humans then! = =

Anonymous said...
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Cute Cockapoos said...

We do, but it is also important to give cases so people know which is animal cruelty. If you saw one of my posts, I said it was smart to spay/neuter your dog, horse, or cat, although not all of them should be spayed/neutered!
I'll post something about helping.