Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Animal Hoarding and Proper Care for Pets

You know how some people say you can never have too much *item*? Well, you can have too many cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters, horses, rabbits, or any pet. When you cannot take care of all your pets, its called Animal Hoarding.
Many of the animals suffer a cruel, sad life. For example, if someone owned too many dogs, starving, wounded, dogs could be one of the reasons not to do it. Many of the animals are not spayed, so many puppies are born, adding to an overpopulation in the world. Many dogs fight, leading to dead dogs. And many of these animals are not cared medically at all. The dogs may have no access to food or water, or they may be fenced outside to live outside. and the excuse "Just one more." is not a good one. One dog could lead to a thousand more.
Animal Hoarders can be charged with huge fines, or even sent to jail. Make sure you only have enough animals that you can care for, not even one over. And get your animal spayed or neutured, unless you are a breeder.These are responsible things for an animal owner.
Here are some things to check if you think you are properly taking care of an animal:
  • It has access to food and water at all times.
  • It gets enough exercise.
  • It does not get in fights with other animals.
  • If sick, it is taken to the vet.
  • You give it lots of attention.
If your pet is sick, here are some ways to make sure:
  • It's not refusing food. This is a big one, since this is the most obvious thing an animal can tell if its sick.
  • Is it having trouble walking? This could be a sign of a broken back, leg, or an injured back or leg.
  • Is it having trouble eating? This could be a sign of it having trouble eating.
  • Is it vomiting repeatedly? It could just have a fever, or be very sick.
  • Does it have bumpy or flaky skin? This could be acne and/or a skin disease. It may even be an allergy.
In any of these cases, your pet should be taken to the vet.
These are just some ways to avoid being a hoarder, but the biggest thing is that you don't have too many animals! You cannot not be a hoarder without lots of animals, but you can go to jail for not properly taking care of your pet.

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Emily Rose said...

This is a really good post! I think it's good to now all the bad in the world, but it helps so much more to know what exactly you can do everyday to make sure your not cruel to animals.
Another good thing to do is make sure you know a lot about the animal before getting one, to make sure you are feeding them the right food, and such.
Thanks Silverstorm!