Friday, April 16, 2010

Pet Stores

I went to the mall today to go to Old Navy. Next to Old Navy is a pet store. Every once in a while I go in and play with the dogs. The store is pretty small, so the cages are small too.

When I walked in today, there was a German Shepard in one of the cages. Having a German Shepard myself, I know they are big dogs. This dog was in a cage as big as any of the other puppies' (very very small). American bred German Shepards have very sloped backs, putting pressure on their back legs. This happened to my German Shepard, and this one didn't look any better. I asked the manager about the dog. She said he was six and weighed 110lbs. I asked about him having hip problems. She said he did and that I could buy him for $100. Of course I declined. Then I walked out.

I reasearched about breeders. The American bred ones tend to have hip problems. At the bottom of the page it said that German Shepards usually sell for $1,000. The manager must've been pretty desperate to get rid of the dog. She offered a $900 discount!

Moral of the story: Never, never, NEVER buy pets from pet stores unless you can see their living conditions. Buying a pet from a legal breeder is a good choice. You know where they are kept and how they live. The  legal breeders know what they are doing. Listen to them. Not some crazy lady you met at a pet store.


Amelia said...

OMG I just found this blog and I am SO following it! I have a german shepherd as well. We got her at seven weeks when she was taken away from a hoarder who had 27 other dogs! She went to the SPCA and we adopted her the second day she was there. I love her so much, she's the sweetest. She even has a blog, which I need to update more.

♥Warriors101♥ said...

I know! Its so cruel that they put dogs in those cages. I went to the mall one time and into the pet store called "Gentle Jungle" the cages weren't clean, the kitten was sick, and they just look so poor and sad!

Unknown said...

That is SO mean. I went to a pet store to get my hamsters before i knew how bad they were. They had dogs in SUPER small cages. They had 5 chiwawas (sorry for spelling that wrong) in a aprox 5 square foot fully closed glass and metal cage.

Brooke said...

Lilly, maybe you'd like my group blog: Wildlife Angels. It's about wildlife and saving it. People write about animals and nature, and articles as well. The link is:

And that is horrible. I'll never buy from those people. Lol, if I was at that store, I would be getting the manager and getting after them. I would make sure that they knew I would be spreading the word about the horrid conditions the animals were in.