Sunday, April 11, 2010

Palmolive~ One of the Many!

This sort of has to do with environment abuse, not Animal abuse, but I thought it was really important.

One day I was watching a special on TV about dish washing liquids. I found it really interesting that most dish liquids contain Phosphate, which is a product made with Phosphorous.Phosphorous is an element which occurs naturally in the environment as phosphorous rock. It is essential to life and is required by all living cells in order for them to function. Too much Phosphate in the environment can cause the plants to grow too much.Algal blooms on the surface of the lake shading the plants growing underneath.Then these plants die.Oxygen levels in the environment will go haywire and then eventually after all the oxygen is used up because there are no more plants to make oxygen, the organisms die.This kills fish and other living creatures, and we can help stop this!

Your household can help to reduce the amount of phosphates entering our rivers and lakes by reducing the amounts of phosphates used in your washing. Dish washing liquids like Palmolive pure+caring is just one of the many companies that has decided to make this change!(pure+caring also soft and gentle on your hands!) The next time you go shopping, look at the back of the dish washing detergent you buy and make sure it says "Phosphate Free".

Thank you to Palmolive and all the other companies who have phosphate free dish washing liquids!

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Catherine said...

Thats so cool! Its kinda like what dawn is doing!

♥Warriors101♥ said...

No offence Rainpool, but PLEASE stick to the topic. I know that you including that, but still.

Anonymous said...

sorry Warriors101! I will try to do better on my next post! Has anyone researched puppy mills yet? Because I can do that if you want! Thanks and sorry again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, *Jay*, DAWN is another company is that is trying to help save the environment! I liked your post. I really learned some new things I never knew before!