Saturday, April 24, 2010


OK so I go to school with this one boy who's name starts with a C! So he was playing with his cat in the third grade and the cat scratched him. So his Mom grabbed her GUN and she shot the cat!
When he told me this I was like, POOR CAT!
And then, he told me he was writing his weekly writing assignment on Animal Crulety. I was like, "Dude, Animal Crulety? Your Mom shot a Cat!"

Sad right?
That really got me!




Hayley said...

They had to put the cat down Kenna, that thing was crazy! But I do agree that his mom shouldn't have shot the cat. She should have taken it to a vet so they could put it down.

Brooke said...

They didn't have to put the cat down! What do you mean? My cat scratches me sometimes and I don't take a gun and SHOOT IT!!! No one in their right mind could think it was okay to shoot a cat for that reason!!!!!!!! Why not take it to a no-kill shelter? Why not get it trained? Uhg.

Whiskfang said...

just cause a scratched you it doesnt mean it has rabes or something it could have don it b accident or he could have done something the cat didnt like