Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tigers in Distress

When you think of tigers, do you think of fierce, deadly predators? They may be the largest cats in the world, but they are also the most endangered. Look at this map. The red part is where tigers lived in 1900. The green part is where tigers lived in 1990.

1990 was twenty years ago. Think of how much that area is gone by now.

These wild cat pelts were found in a truck trying to get out of India. Look at how many of the pelts are tiger's! The poachers were arrested and charged a large sum of money.

Tiger Population Summary

Bengal Tiger: 3,176 - 4,556
Indochinese Tiger: 1,227 - 1,785
Chinese Tiger: 20 - 30 in the wild
Siberian (Amur) Tiger: 360 - 406 in the wild
Sumatran Tiger: 400 - 500
Bali Tiger: Extinct
Caspian Tiger: Extinct
Javan Tiger: Extinct


Dee said...

Ugh. I hate poachers. I luv tigers.
good formula to remember:
Me+poachers=bad news.

oboe.chick said...

I love tigers! I don't want to watch them become extinct! I hate poachers and I wish they would stop killing these poor animals.