Friday, January 7, 2011

Factory Farms

First of all, sorry I haven't posted in a while. For some of you newer followers, you might not know who I am. So let me introduce myself, I am author4evr. Second of all, factory farms have probably been written about before, so you don't have to let me know that in the comments or anything. I just think it's a really important topic because the products produced have effects on everyone, including you.

What are factory farms, you might ask? A factory farm is a large industrial operation that has a lot (hundreds or thousands) of animals like chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows. It's very cramped for the animals, and the people treat them poorly. What's sad is that these animals rarely or have never seen daylight. They live short lives full of pain. And because the animals aren't taken care of properly, the quality is poor for the food like dairy, eggs, and meat. The people who run the factory only care about how much of the food is produced. Thus, the produced products are lower quality than healthy animals raised in good environments produce.

Five things that occur in factory farms are:

  1. The animal are given a constant feeding of antibiotics to prevent disease. People drinking dairy and eating meat products from factory farms may develop immunities to antibiotics and then lose the ability to fight certain types of bacteria.
  2. Controlled light cycles to simulate longer or shorter days. This confuses an animal's body and sadly forces an unnatural growth response.
  3. Altering the animals to prevent them from acting out on the aggression and anxiety caused by living in such extreme restriction.
  4. Forcing breeding animals to reproduce at unnaturally fast rates, causing the animals to be tired, have more stress, and early deaths among them.
  5. Rough transportation of livestock to slaughterhouses. Sick or injured animal who fall or die on the way to the slaughterhouses are forced onto slaughter trucks-most often with a bulldozer.
Having so many animals in one place creates a lot of waste, more than the surrounding land can handle! As a result, factory farms are associated with environmental hazards, such pollution (water, land and air). Also people who live close to factory farms often complain of high cases of illness.

To conclude, make sure you know where the products you buy come from. You can make a difference by doing many things, such as buying some foods from small local farms. Make sure you buy foods with the Certified Humane Raised & Handled® label administered by Humane Farm Animal Care. 


Anonymous said...


Brooke said...

One reason I'm vegetarian and only like organic!

Emily Rose said...

It's so terrible that stuff like this goes on in the world. We don't eat factory produce because I refuse to support such an industry, and I don't want to eat food that is produced in such an environment. This was such a great and informative post, thank you!

Cute Cockapoos said...

Yeah...Sometimes they do the came with dogs and cats.
PUPPY MILLS and KITTY MILLS are inhumane ways of making money! Breeders only care about how many puppies or kittens are produced. Many dogs and cats are kept in cages for their whole lives, many of the cages too small.
And what else? Some breeders do an inhumane surgery called "debarking" in which they smash a puppy's vocal chords with a pipe.
Anything else? They force dogs to breed AND kill the breeding animals when they can no longer breed.

Cute Cockapoos said...

puppy Mills are just like this!
These are evil places for dogs. Some breeders specialize in a surgery called debarking, where they smash a puppy's vocal chords with a pipe. And they think of dogs possibly as little banks, sell a puppy=money. And mothers must give birth constantly! What else? Mothers AND fathers are killed when they can no longer breed. DON'T BUY A DOG FROM A PET STORE OR ONLINE! These could possibly, and probably, be from Puppy Mills. Buying a dog from a puppy mill is not rescuing a dog from it, it's supporting the puppy mill!