Thursday, November 12, 2009

My review from Lowe's

Hello, everyone. I recently E-Mailed Lowe's because they sell glue traps, which inhumanely kill animals. They get stuck to them and die of starvation. I sent them an email and this is their reply:

Dear Lauren (Last name):

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with Lowe?s. The EPA recommends glue traps
as a safe and affordable alternative to poisons, and we are committed to
providing our customers with the options they request.

We changed our merchandise offering to cut in half the number of glue traps we
offer. To give our customers a choice, Lowe?s offers 20 different products, from
poisons to snap and glue traps to electronic systems.

Thank you,


I actually didn't email them, I commented on the page at the bottom of this post. The thing is, you have to know a Lowe's store by your area, and put the ZIP code.

I think if we all boycott Lowe's and email them, we CAN accomplish something!

Here is the link:


... said...

I want to email them too! What is their email?

Eskän said...

I want to e-mail them! Now! Now! NOW! PETITION! PETITION!

[Lauren] said...

I actually didn't email them, I commented on this page. The thing is, you have to konw a Lowe's in your area to put it in the form. Thanks for wanting to email them!

Kinga said...

I'm going to do this there's a Lowes by my house.
I have a blog sort of like this one, about animal cruelty and mostly about shelter dogs called "get a life get a dog." I'm so glad to have found other human minded girls!

Unknown said...

Wow. That's just inhumane. I'm happy to say I've never been to Lowe's, and I'd love to email them and wag my finger in their face.

[Lauren] said...

Thanks for wanting to get your voices heard, everyone! :D I'm actually really mad when they said they wanted to give customers "options". ALL of their "options" are cruel and inhumane!

Cute Cockapoos said...

Um...Wow. Christina (the woman who signed at the bottom), is mean! Sure, The EPA allowed it, but what would the ASPCA, MSPCA, PETA, or Humane Society say about it? Um, they would all say no.
And if you are going to kill an animal, do it fast and almost painless. And electronic traps? That sounds evil! I hate traps, but mice carry disease and that's mainly why people kill them. My dad did glue traps and as soon as the mice was caught, he'd let it go. One time my mom made a trap out of a soda can box, which did not at all kill or even hurt the mouse. That's probably because it was barely an adult. Email them and tell them that they should get rid of it all except snap, because at least it painless for the mouse.