Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Animal Abuse Firsthand Part II

  My friend, let's call her Megan, went cross-country last summer, so her family hired a pet sitter to watch their four cats, six fish, and dog. About two weeks before they were sceduled to come home, they called to check on their pets.
  "You'd better come back early," The pet sitter just said, before hanging up.
  Worried, her family left for home. Upon reaching it, they were horrified.
  Mozart, their orange cat, had ran away.
  Hazel, a cat they'd recently saved from the Humane Society(she'd been abused) was famished and under the couch.
  Ginger, their dog, lost ten pounds.
  Angel, their grey cat, had also run away.
  Gracie, their other grey cat, was locked in a closet.
  And there was animal waste everywere; the house sitter had left the door open and brought lots of strays.
  Their house was ruined. And their animals were starved.
  Soon later, they found a dead black cat in  their basement. It wasn't theirs, but still, that's terrible.
  Now they're living in a rental, waiting for their house to be fixed.
  But luckily, Mozart and Angel came back as soon as their humans did, and Ginger, Hazel, and Gracie all soon got healthy again.
  But the thing is, the house sitter somehow managed to abuse many animals without even meaning to.
  I know none of you would do this, but I'm telling you this so you take a little care choosing a pet sitter and maybe adopt an animal from your Humane Society.


Brooke said...

I don't really have to worry about that. My grandma lives close by, so she would take care of my pets. I would love to be a pet sitter some time also.

What a horrible pet sitter.

★ Sylvine Srevlis ★ said...

Oh I hope they found that pet sitter and sued her for all she's worth!!! How terrible! My grandmother also lives nearby to take care of our 6 dogs, gerbil, and assorted fish, so I'd never have to worry about that. But if someone did treat my pets that way... Let's just say they'd wish they were never born. I'd sue them for every penny, THEN take them out to my house and push their face in what they didn't clean up (LOL).


[Lauren] said...

I'm going to work at the Humane Society!

oboe.chick said...

That's terrible! I feel bad for those poor animals! I am glad that Mozart and Angel came back!

Unknown said...

Yeah me to. Very sweet kittys! And they DID sue the pet-sitter, she had to replace all the furniture in their house and pay for paint and the new flooring it needed because of the germs and stink.And about volunteering at the Humane Society: I have, and it's very rewarding. You get to bottle-feed kittens and help animals! I'd recommend it to anyone with a spare hour a week.