Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Case Against Factory Farming

I'm semi-vegetarian. I only eat free-range meat that I've seen alive and know it had a good, natural, wholesome life. I don't have a problem with eating animals that were happy. It's human nature to eat meat, we've been doing it since we were cavemen with little flints and spears.

What I do have a problem with is this...

KFC, McDonald's, Burger King. Good, All-American names, right? Yummy food? (Well, I don't think so, but most people do.) As PETA puts it, the secret recipes' main ingredients are mainly cruelty.

Watch this horrific video. Visit the site. Your eyes will be opened to a whole new world. (Note: there is one few-second bit of the vid that has some blood. Well, a pot of blood. Skip over it if you have a weak stomach.)

Also check out this site, the Meatrix. (I hope that link works.) It's cute, it's animated, and it reveals some horrifying truths about factory farming. And factory farms are where the supermarkets and restaurants- especially fast-food ones- get their meat.

I tell my friends' parents I'm vegetarian when I'm over for dinner. I just don't want to spend half an hour explaining my beliefs to some skeptical parents. One of my friends became fully vegetarian after watching these videos.
I am fortunate enough to have parents that share my views on this matter. Every year, we order a pig, a cow, a few turkeys, and some chickens (butchered, of course) from a carefully selected and visited local farm.

It is positively horrifying how many people think meat is a hamburger or some red stuff on a Styrofoam plate. I hope this post begins to open your eyes to the world of factory farming and show you that the meat on your plate had a life... good or bad.


Brooke said...

How horrible. Naturally, I learned about this long ago. I don't eat at Mcdonald's, or KFC. I had NO idea that Burger King was the bad guy too.

It's going to be hard to change the two men in my family (for some reason it's harder for them, and they just don't seem to care quite as much), but I will. I can just refuse the gross food and explain why.

★ Sylvine Srevlis ★ said...

(Shivers in dread) I've never liked KFC. I've always had this strange gut feeling about it. Now I know why.
I watched that video. I could barely stand it, but I did. I'm not EVER EVER EVER going to even get a biscuit from them again! Not that I ever have eaten their meat, I am sort of a vegetarian too. Sure, I'll sometimes eat some chicken or a hamburger from Braum's, and one of the reasons for that is that they treat their animals so well (at least from what I've heard).


Hannah Marie said...

*sighs* Yeah. Thankfully I've never eaten KFC. About three years ago I watched a video about KFC's cruelty towards animals, and I told my parents about it, but they didn't believe. This video is just plain old horrible. In my perfect world, there is no KFC! We actually know a local farmer that we buy chickens from and we're also getting a turkey from him, and we ordered 1/8 of a beef critter. In health class we had to write about an article we read in Teen's Health and I chose to write about organic, free range, and grass fed meat products. Most people rolled their eyes when I was talking but my health teacher said that it was very good. I've been doing research about makeup products that do testing on animals which I'll post about soon. Just need to make sure my parents don't catch me researching about that kind of stuff. Anyway, to sum it all up I think that KFC is the worst fast food place in the world and I don't even know how they're allowed to be so cruel to animals!

Unknown said...

Dear olive tree,
It is nice to find someone who is like me. I am a semi vegatarian too, most people think i should either eat meat of don't eat it at all.