Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bull Riding-Cruel is the Word-And Fishing for Sport

Bull Riding is (what I think) a horrible, cruel sport where the bulls are annoyed (yanking parts of the body and teasing are two ways to annoy the bulls) and then someone is put on the animal to ride them. They try not to fall off while the angry bull bucks and swings the person around. Every time I see someone get hurt because they were playing the bull ride-game, I'm more than happy.

Please don't go watch bull riding-the animals suffer!
One thing that is very often argued is if fishing for sport (not eating the animal, just throwing it back) is cruel or not. I think it's very cruel. You are putting a hook into an animal's mouth, taking it out of water when it needs water to live, ripping it out of their mouth, and throwing them smack back into the water. I do believe that fish have feelings-I believe all animals do-and that's why it's on this blog. I think that fishing for sport is animal cruelty. Though there isn't much I can do, I CAN just not fish at all. I haven't fished in years, and I don't plan to.

Please, don't fish-for the fish.


Unknown said...

I just wanted to say that i dont like the "sport" of bull riding, but everyone who does it is not a bad animal hater.

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Brooke said...

But if you know how bad the animal is treated and you decide to bull-fight anyway, it certainly isn't helping the cause... they're only making things worse.