Wednesday, June 16, 2010

ASPCA- Are they really FOR animals?

Last year in New York City, a pit bull named Oreo was intentionally thrown from the sixth floor of a building. The person responsible was convicted of this deed, and neighbors reported hearing him beat the dog too.

The APSCA of New York ‘rescued’ Oreo and healed his injuries. However, according to the organization, a few weeks later, Oreo began showing aggression towards people. He hadn’t been tested with other dogs but was said to be aggressive with other dogs too. Several temperament tests conducted by the APSCA showed the pit bull was very aggressive. PetsAlive, a rescue in Colorado, offered to adopt the dog after the New York Times ran a story about Oreo the day before her scheduled execution. This rescue takes in ‘aggressive’ dogs and tries to rehabilitate or cure the aggression. Dogs that cannot be ‘cured’ are not put down.

The ASPCA ignored the offer to rescue Oreo. Instead, the dog was murdered- by Ed Sayres, president of the organization. The ASPCA has refused to share the videos of Oreo's temperament testing.

In this picture taken just minutes before Oreo was euthanized, you can see that he was not the aggressive, vicious dog the APSCA deemed him.

Soon after, Ed Sayres put down another dog named Max. A rescue group had also offered to adopt him.

After Oreo’s death, New York legislators introduced a bill to prevent animals from being killed in shelters when a rescue offers to adopt them. This bill was put on hold- tabled for the year.

This bill is greatly needed. New York state shelters routinely turn away rescue groups then euthanize those animals. A statewide survey showed that 72% of rescue groups were denied animals. Seventy one percent reported that the shelters instead killed those animals. Fifty two percent of the rescues surveyed don’t report cruelty the see at shelters for fear of not being able to rescue those pets anymore.

We may not be able to vote. We may seem to adults as hormonal, incapable kids- despite the fact that we are not. But we still CAN help animals, so that dogs like Oreo will have a second chance.

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♥Warriors101♥ said...

Oh my gosh thats horrible!!

Brooke said...

I have to admit that's pretty bad. But I somewhat understand for dogs that "can't be cured". They would be angry and sad the rest of their lives'. People think that all dogs can be helped, but they can't. If a dog has a chance though, then I think it's wrong.

But really, by keeping an un-curable dog, who are we really helping?


Unknown said...

I always had a weird feeling about the ASPCA, they help a lot of animals, but are still cruel.

Brooke said...

Okay, does someone have a grudge against me here? I've commented but my comments aren't published! If no one publishes my comments I'll have to find out someway to find out who isn't...

Whiskfang said...

Thats just cruel. humans are cruel.

Anonymous said...

o my gosh that made me cry

Cute Cockapoos said...

I do agree Oreo should've been put at Colorado, but he was not "murdered". A euthanized dog is not a murdered dog. If that was the case, millions of people would've gotten arrested for animal abuse. He died peacefully, did he not? He was not shot, stabbed, cut, choked, poisoned, beaten, starved, or dehydrated. ASPCA is for animals. They "euthanize" animals, but with reasons. I mean, the Humane Society almost euthanized, but the dog showed signs of recovery. Also, the ASPCA could've inspected the place and did not think it had very good conditions. So the ASPCA is for animals, 100%. They helped 90 dogs from a puppy mill, and twelve of them had to be euthanized-why? Because they were suffering from skin and other medical diseases that they could not cure. So, they are not hurting any animals!>:(