Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Me and my friend had an idea, the criminals who are responsible for appalling crimes.
Why not use them for lab testing?
They owe a dept to society are rat friends etc..
Answer to what to do with lab testing and criminals!


Brooke said...

Okay, that's just cruel in my opinion. Sometimes I feel like if someone hurts an animal, the same should be done to them, but I don't think people should be forced to be tested. Also, not all crimes are true. There are lots of people that didn't actually commit a crime and was wrongly accused-those people could be forced for horrible tests!

I hate animal testing and think it should be outlawed, but I only like the thought of human testing if the person says that they will do it and happily agrees.

Bluu Dog said...

What would u do die lonely or be killed or go to a lab once a week and get a test done on u?

Brooke said...

Either die lonely or be killed. You see, there are innocent people out there, and people who only made minor mistakes. If they were tested on it would be wrong in my opinion.

When Hitler was alive, he did tests on innocent people and it was horrible. I hate animal testing, but if you're going to test on one person, you'll test on all people in prison, and if you test on all, you'll test on innocent people.