Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I am sorry if I offended anybody on this blog.
My post was a bit aggressive but I was posting
Brooke may not be right she might
be try both of our websites and links.

Dreamstar I have been doing animal rights protest etc...
for 5 longhard years. Full of threats
and lies and youdon't understand what I have seen. That
is why I may get aggressive but I am
Sometimes I don't always
agree with Peta,
and they DO NOT LIE!
So let's all forget about this
topic completely.


Brooke said...

...well... that was sort of an apology... sort of... er, maybe... but sorry if I offended you. I'm just talking about the information that I've got from my research.

The good thing is that when there are two people that disagree in an "argument" like this is that we can learn more and more.

And I've seen a lot too. Like when I saved pit bull puppies, and when I went to a horse riding place with a sick horse, and everywhere in my neighborhood there are "outside" dogs in small yards that live a bored life. I'm happy that we've seen these things because we can come up with helpful solutions together, with everyone on this blog and all other anti-animal cruelty blogs.


Bluu Dog said...

Thankyou Brooke.
But please do some research on iams testing and i'll do research on them not testing...k?

Brooke said...

Of course I will. I'm trying my best to get the truth. Oh, and just so you know, I don't buy IAMS anyway. I know that it isn't good quality, and it might test. :-)

I love your new posts!