Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Please Please Stop Arguing by Posting!

This is just my opinion.

This blog is about helping animals that have been abused. Not to argue. But to help. The last three post have been arguing over the IAMS testing and PETA lying. Maybe one of you is correct, but I really don't think fighting over it will find the answer any sooner. Why don't you just call the company or email them? You are more likely to find an answer that way. PETA is sometimes known to, lets say, exaggerate. It is not always the straight out truth, but it is good information.

So please just drop it! Think about the bunnies and the kittens and puppies!


Catherine said...

Also, Demoncat I know on the last post you didn't want anyone to take offence, but it didn't sound very friendly to me. I'm not saying this is your fault. I just don't want any more fighting.

☪Dream said...

To demoncat,

She was stating soemthing she KNEW. She WOULDN'T have said YOU were wrong! WHO CARES! demoncat, you are in the wrong. cause I also agree with brooke. Okay? LET IT GO. It could, or could not be false! But WHO CARES! it's still information! Stop getting mad at her for contributing! Just, STOP. Let it go. Brooke knows A LOT more about you. She makes a bigger difference, by actually PHONING these places, which i think is GREAT.I would NEVER have the guts to do that! Like seriously, she phones these places, and gets ALL OF THE FACTS. She searches everything! She TRIES HER BEST TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY AND GET THE FACTS! Stop getting mad at her for trying, and believing! Okay? You have no right to deny her judgment. This blog is MEANT for opinions. But it can't be, if people like you go against it! Just let it go. You can state your opinions, and she can state hers. In my mind, I think Brooke is doing everything right, and researching, and getting as many facts as she can. She is an expert. How do you know YOUR information isn't false!? I DON'T1 That's what we don't know! But we post the truth in our own eyes, and try to make a difference! Give it up Demoncat. She's trying to make a difference, and ISN'T THAT THE POINT!?


Brooke said...

:-( I understand Jay. Sometimes I get too "into things". I hope you forgive me! Oh, I just wanted to let you know that I know I wasn't posting "fact" I was just posting from what info I got. I really didn't want her to think that I was telling her "who was right and who was wrong" because I really don't know for a fact.

And thanks Dreamstar. In a strange way... thanks for sticking up for me. She may be right. I'm not sure. I'm not picking sides, but thanks. I was feeling the same way.

Bluu Dog said...

Brook I'm sorry my friend saw it and said she was horrified that that was totally wrong and she did part of the post...

Dreamstar I follow two or 3 of ur blogs and there is no need to get aggressive I have anger issues that i am working on.

Ps. if i get mean or aggressive just tell me to eat potatoes they r my comfort food!

Brooke said...

Lol! I love potatoes too! And someone who I know is obsessed. Well... let's just say that when we went to babysitting certifacation, she wrote "potatoes" on a card for everyone to see. lol!

And it's fine. I understand. Sometimes I get over the top, and afterwords all I want to do is make things right. I hope you have nothing against me, because I know that we can be friends.