Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Petland Continues to Support Cruel Puppy Mills June 29, 2009 2:14 PM

As you might remember, The Humane Society of the United States released the results of an eight-month investigation in November showing that pet store chain Petland Incorporated is the nation's largest retail supporter of puppy mills.
Our Puppy Mills team has been working hard in the months since that exposé was released, and today reveals disturbing new revelations about Petland.
The investigation revealed at least two Petland stores in Florida, the Orlando East and Largo stores, still buying puppies from the facility linked to Kathy Bauck, who was convicted on three counts of animal torture and one count of animal abuse in March. We also found some Petland stores still buying from at least two other puppy mills that we filmed and identified as part of our initial investigation.

Our team conducted an intensive six-month search of public records in multiple states and tracked shipments of puppies from massive commercial brokers to more than 95 percent of Petland's domestic stores. We revealed once again that the store chain is misleading customers about dealing with a special selection of breeders. Instead, Petland's franchisees buy most of their dogs from puppy mills either directly or indirectly through large-scale wholesalers, like Hunte.

This deceptive behavior continues to harm both animals and consumers. More than 600 people who purchased dogs from Petland have already contacted us about the class action lawsuit Petland is currently facing. If you haven’t already, please tell us your story if you bought a puppy from Petland.

We’ll continue to keep the pressure on Petland to join other national pet store chains that refuse to sell dogs from puppy mills, until the company does the right thing for animals.
Thank you for your continued support in our campaign to stop puppy mills.


Anonymous said...

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☪Dream said...

I got my dog from a Petland in my mall, and she is PERFECTLY healthy. Our Petland does NOT buy from Puppy Mills. Not all of them do!

Brooke said...

Dreamstar, they do buy from puppy mills. It's a fact. Not all of the dogs are unhealthy. You just got lucky-they buy from puppy mills. Sorry Dreamstar. You should've watched Animal Planet when they just recently did undercover work and went to 40 "good breeders" who won't stop treating their dogs bad.