Wednesday, May 19, 2010

New blog inspired by voice

I had a really weird thought.
Voice is awesome so I got
an inspiration streak!
I made a blog similar to voice...
It's called Speak from your soul.
here's the link please follow and or contribute!
I think voice should not be in one place but two!
All of you are welcome to it and even if I don't agree with your
post I will NOT DELETE!
You to Brooke, if you think I'd exclude a good writer you are wrong!
click here to see the blog!
Thank you and I am not advertising!
If you don't agree keep it to yourself!
Remember if you do join don't forget
there are now 2 voices and we can't
Forget about the founder...VOICE!
I am not trying to ruin voices flow!


Brooke said...

I think you're a great writer. Just because I don't completely agree with you doesn't mean I don't think you write very informative, interesting to read posts. I'd like to visit your blog. I think it's a great idea.
Do you think I have something against your or something? LOL! I hope you don't have anything against me.

Bluu Dog said...

No of course not!
I forgive easily!
Plz tell Dreamstar
that her puppy might be healthy
but his parents are not!
the parents that are stuck in
a breeders house!
that are sick and forced to

Brooke said...

I've tried to tell her but she doesn't seem to believe me. Hopefully she does soon!

I'm happy I'm forgiven! LOL! I hate forced breeding. It makes me sick to think someone would do that. I wrote a story on puppy mills (I don't know if you read it).