Monday, May 17, 2010

Iams tests
Companion Animal Food Companies
For anyone who has ever lived with a dog or a cat, it's hard to imagine that some big-name dog- and cat-food companies would conduct invasive tests on animals in labs. But the pet industry is big business, and in their efforts to slap "new and improved" labels on their products, some corporate competitors conduct cruel experiments on dogs and cats.

For almost 10 months, a PETA investigator worked undercover in a laboratory paid by Iams to test its products. Some of the cruelty that she documented included the following:
Iams dogs dumped on a cold concrete floor after having huge chunks of muscle cut out of their thighs

Dogs and cats gone stir-crazy from confinement to windowless, dungeon-like buildings

A coworker who instructed her to hit the dogs on the chest if they quit breathing

Another coworker who talked about an Iams dog found dead in his cage, bleeding from his mouth

Cruel studies done by Iams involving forcing tubes down dogs' throats to make them ingest vegetable oil

Iams dogs with such severe tartar buildup on their teeth that it was painful for them to eat

Coworkers who talked about a live kitten who had been washed down a drain

Coworkers who talked about how they had had to go home because the ammonia fumes in the animal trailers were so overpowering that it made their eyes burn (try being one of the animals in those cages!)
Compassionate people would never imagine that dogs and cats could be living this kind of nightmare in laboratories. It's easy to ensure that you're not feeding Fido or Fluffy cruelly tested food–use PETA's pocket guide to pet-food companies that do not conduct animal tests. Visit for an updated list of companies that do not test on animals, or call 1-866-TEST-KIND for a free guide. And please tell Iams that you're boycotting its products until the company stops conducting cruel animal tests:

Animals should be given food with high-quality, human-grade ingredients. Iams does not offer that. Any veterinarian will confirm.

Here's one of about 1000 websites explaining exactly what Iams does to the animals:
If you just google something like "Iams pet food animal testing", there's a ton of information. There are many excellent brands of pet food that do NOT harm any animals and still donate tons of money to help animals.

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