Monday, May 23, 2011

My Essay on Animal Testing.

Hey guys!! This is my essay for school on animal testing. Feel free to edit and post comments! NO MEAN COMMENTS PLEASE!! I worked really hard on this!!

Do you have a pet? A bunny or a dog or maybe even a rat or mouse. Well picture your pet locked up in a cage while someone puts their designer makeup product on it, to make sure its not poisonous or harmful. Not the best picture right? Well you can help, animals everyday are testing for makeup products and different drugs that are not even useful or needed in our lives. If you have a pet, or you know someone who has a pet you understand, even if your not that big of an animal lover, we are animals too, and animals should not have to suffer for makeups companies and cosmetics. Product testing on animals is immoral.

Animals in the lab are treated awfully. During animal testing, animals are infected with diseases, force fed, kittens are purposely made blind and rats are forced to suffer seizures over and over again. Animals have to go through repeated surgery and are purposely poisoned. There is no end to the pain that animals in a lab go through. Animals that are used for drug testing are given diseases and infections, then euthanized, in labs animals are injected with a disease so that the cure can be tested. In cosmetic tests, caustic substances are placed in the eyes of conscious rabbits to evaluate damage to sensitive eye tissues. This is extremely painful for the rabbits, who often scream when the substances are applied and sometimes break their necks or backs trying to escape the restraints. It is inhumane to purposely give an animal a disease or infection or put something on them that will harm them. Animal testing kills 25-50 billion animals a year, and many others are harmed and injured as well. Animals in labs go through endless amount of pain and suffering for useless reasons. Even when they are not being tested on they are treated badly, they are kept in cages that are way to small, and depending on the experiment, they are hardly fed at all.

Products that are tested on animals are mostly inaccurate. Only 8% of the products that are tested are not passed by the FDA and 92% of them end up being harmful, poisonous, or deadly. They can also end up being more harmful then do any good. In 2004 painkillers were testing on animals and it caused 140,000 people to have a stroke or a heart attack, and 60,000 were fatal. For animal testing the highest percentage of animals that are used is rats and mice, even rats and mice tend to have different reactions to certain drugs or products. The age, sex and species effects the reaction. Lethal Dosage (LD) tests are used to determine the amount of a substance that will kill a predetermined ratio of animals. For example during the LD50 test subjects were forced to ingest poisonous products until half of them die. Reactions to LD tests are, eye bleeding, eye paralysis and vomiting.

Some people feel that product and cosmetic testing on animals is necessary for humans health and safety, but there are alternatives. Non-animal testing methods are more reliable and less expensive. These other methods make use of cell and skin tissue cultures, corneas from eye banks, and sophisticated computer and mathematical models. Some companies avoid any testing by using non-toxic natural ingredients or ingredients that have already been safety-approved by the Cosmetics, Toiletry and Fragrance Association. Gordon Baxter, co-founder of Pharmagene Laboratories, which uses only computers and human tissues to create and test drugs once said, “If you have information on human genes, what’s the point of going back to animals?”

Animals are tortured and killed in the labs, and even worse, they are killed for nothing because half of the tests are inaccurate. If there are other ways to test products, why would you use animals. Ways that you can stop animal testing is to not buy products or makeups that test on animals. Let companies that are testing on animals know that you wont buy their products!

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Emily Rose said...

This is a really good essay! What they do to animals is immoral, just like you said.
Do know of any make up brands that don't test on animals? I certainly don't want to support big names that are inhumane.

Cute Cockapoos said...

Good essay! That awful though! 25-50 billion?! That's outrageous! When I was an author, I wrote an essay on Animal Cruelty for the Rotary Club, who support well-being, such as donating time, money, and more to save people. I guess they never expected to have one on animals, but I got an award. They supported us animal savers:D Not the animal abusers. I hate animal-testing. If you've ever heard of a sumo-rat, that's animal testing. They make them fat on purpose!>:(

Flamestorm said...

Thats guys! I got an A+ on it of course :D I know that Mary Kay does not use animal testing and some other ones dont either. Usually if it doesnt say that its not testing on animals It is :(

♣icefox♣ said...

How do I stop being an author of this blog?